miércoles, 29 de octubre de 2014

Polish in the night of December


It's a life injuries against you senora Editoria Knight, this is bleed of the blades to destroy the wicked. It's a moment of an ethereal benigns with my sentiments for a better allurance with strength of a beauty in wealth and moments. How is it purposive with my neccessities? I'm very that in a concoction of an intelligence and against of the stoic charms. From the figurative assets of wealth, still the absurd wouldn't be obsolete. The obscure is always, for the means of preservation to a more silver spoon with strengths of a bountiful analogy. In the minarets of delusion the feastive is much funnier either not derailed, from the means of derogatory remarks the weaknesses that I am turned a fusion for an apprehensive feifdom of glory and what is real that a surgencies for survival. I'm against from the feigned once and the aforementioned of a dramatic interlude of metalurgy. The stenches of locomotion that I'm heaving for is my intimacies to the ammicable strength of nature. To pervade for the alms of generating means where for siege of armory and gauge of beauty, with the ironies of pinnacles. In the left of the middle dancing on the fire for the name of the Seoul to heave me for survival. The polished that reigning me still, is always for the nocturnal strength of a woman. When I'm always that for the handling or what should I manage from a progress. Very little these hours but I have navigated the perfection of reality to the reformats of adequacy. December is really acknowledging now in the hours, the cold sequences of paranoia is running again onwards my circumstances and I had to make an estimating outcomes for who I am.

martes, 7 de octubre de 2014


Super dooper na imbyernang kemelatek anik anik na mga luz valdez anik na paquito diaz de fez. Anong nangyari sakin enlightenment editoria knight yung mga nakaraangbuhay ko, is much thee beginning of a kotex woman na laging hinahabol ng lalake. Tapos ayun naunsyami nga lang nang gulugud ko' mamasdan, sa gilid ng walang hanggang pagmamahal ng lahat ng lalo sa lahat ng ating amain. Lumipas ang pitong libong taon, ng isang intsik na nakilala ko sa isang malaking tindahan at itinuro sa akin ang isang mahiwagang kotex na akin namang ikipinagputok ng butchi dahil sa sinansabi kong, ako'y isang matino at pangkaraniwang tao. Sino ba talaga ang dennis trillo na kanta ng kanta ng kotex sa aking buhay. Lagi akong itinuturo sa napkin na iyon na lubha kong ikinagagalit parati. Victoria London infairness ang beauty kong laging hinahabol para sa malakandilang bango ng amoy ng isang kandilang nagiging tuwid sa gabi at hinahap ang isang gwapong batangueno. Haiiiiissstttt... Ginang enlightenment editoria knight, super dooper ang mga kemelatek na paquito diaz for my very own pursuits of happiness that always continued sa aking life na mga kamangha manghang gilalas laban sa mga anti matter na epal. Bound to be single forever kasi yun ang happy, but for me laging may papromise promise ang mga bagay na something something against paquito diaz anik lechugas na lecheng amoy bangkay na nonsense sa buhay. Para sa mga warlalus at hindi eclavu na mga victoria beckham, watashi naman ang boyish antiquities na wit ma-eexpire. Ang mga flavors ng mga prizes ay laging nasa mabuting pakikisama at hindi sa paolo contis na pangsnob attitude. Kailan kaya matatapos ni kamalasan ang mga goats at mga anti-numbers na for shaira luna attitude na people and a girl of a melissa prowess na against sa mga bing loyzaga ng buhay. Once, it become a courtesy in my life that kotex is always a reason for watashi wit na bellezang mujer sa gilid ng hibas ng dagat.

domingo, 5 de octubre de 2014

To become anti-Stench... versus the much nonsense material

                                Utang na loob nasasakal na ko....

Only whitch baboys in the bubungan can have that, I muttered with the senses of a notwithstanding puzzles, of the ecclectic vibrations which I've muttered from the maturities of my issues counterfieting that I've said with the socities when I considered everything from the masculinities of life. Things that may reverberated from the point of views with the name of enlightenment editoria knight, opposing the conclusions. Much interesting with the creeds from life of the above. Everything that could be stronger may always be in the social factors to consider of the casualties in life. From the bitterness of my life sentiments,with the echoes of the stronger means of the society against the pains of life.the assets of my life would always color of the real foundations of totallity of the futures and what could be a negated strength which is always an equality amongst all and everything in the power. The productivity of scarce resources may always be in what the strong one may imbibe. From the upcoming future of the features of essences against the pure evil that lurks around my mentallity, may always be in the strength of things that I may conclude with the purity of the real life situation issues. From the worth of being a withered necceissities in my life having powerless at all, the only being is in the above against the visions of the clothes for the boastful who angst my life. Still being internationally acclaimed by my own belief of the roman horse, who highly meagered my strength. The media who have the things that everything may gave. From the likes of being me, from the worth of my bitterness as always the bet continuously enabling with the overtures of what I have at all. Enlightnement Editoria Knight, may you be hailed at all for the senses of the human beings around. The anti-Stench against the nonsense matters where imbibe by an always consensus by many issues at all. You are the one who gave what's the must have in royalty of Amazon group of personifying psycho-social warfare. May I embody a lot from the power of myself against the poisonous charms that chipanggas where always sensing in the life of weaknesses and the siege of a stronger Donn Guiseppe Ephraim... Me, inthe girl against the turtledoves in heaven (In full bloom).

miércoles, 1 de octubre de 2014

super... dooper na power ni Seo

With the strengths once... in the vigil of colors and rudiment aspects. May enlightenment editoria knight mutters everything, in the issues of problem solving. The solution I dealt with, is an essence of materialism. The problems where always good to occur, to promulgate the emmo-hemmian fad and the gallantries of search for excellencies through the means of the SAM. Though I rivet in the knockturn of the senses, with the popularity and the reverberation of the beautiful mind. May the rigid formulas of what am I endearing with my life neutrally speaking that I gained a much detrimental of my mentality. Somehow I tend myself against those humane strength to share my aide and gain a better means. Trending with the name of Seo, she had that super dooper na power ni Dorace inculcating of a good phenomenon. The meandered with enlightenment editoria knight again, how far can I settle with her if everyone needs an occurence against my words. If the issues where not imbibe of the expectancies in the ecclairs of the righteous things, for the popularity of the quintessential things. The route of the issues could meandered by good outcomes of gains in the auras of good reckons. From my continouos sojourn, there's always a hindrance against people even with memoirs of reality in the so called youth the verge of spaces where always means of danger. Death would always be death, once I muttered towards enlightenment editoria knight. That she is the right thing for the better of how everything would end of the so called numbering of what is had to be dethrone... madness (my ailment) and the bad that should be decomposed. When would everything be dislodge. Mostly, I've donce forfieting lots... but the things should be divulge by a defiled denouments. From a more efficient one, the created emmo-hemmian fad is for good temptations against evil once I've read the book. Towards the lushes of destruction and famine concluding a womanhood onwards seclusion of the angst of the hypocrycis with the stench of misdemeanor. Everything is in wreck condision, the sights of the massive urges of the evasions from the heirarchies of the ordinary people. To prove of the growth and the senses of what is a ruly nature, anak ng tinutcha... I bewildered pf what is a not with the strange demolition of the temperaments that must be evicted away. The frailty of the unions by most may be coaelsce by various standards and the real understanding of what's womanhood, then it's bravery against the senses of the bad. To evade a figurative madness the principles must always be pure either a good promotion about all, even though with the urges of what is sociologically embarassing. The humungous life may always be in the name of the greatness and the concerns of essential demeanor to envision what's right from ziyi. Who have a good thwarts of the prudence and totallity of mature ones. Everything must be a good consensus.