miércoles, 30 de diciembre de 2015

Eeeehhhhh... anu ba kasi...

Hil again on top...

On a warm cocoon...
The visions is of a greed against defiance
To be inculcated of dreams
is to remember of a whim
To be blonde is like being tagalog

To be Dark as hair is to become tagalog
To poverty would goes run
To make eclair would be done for fight
The visions is like being me as Ephraim

The worth could be in Snow White as Dark as knight
Be me could become tagalog for all my might
The whim is for dare to console
The Tagalog could always be in fusion against the scent could unveil.

Could be the fusion and vision ofTagalog and blondes
not for brunettes be in the reign of my equestrians might
The beam forth haste would fair the reign.
Would be so forth my ardous filth.

In this blonde for shoes in drizzling complementary hues
Would be enigmatical forth self conscious of hints
Forth my Sanctimonium in seige of fairty
The once bad could be a have for ridge of fail of thoughts.

To be verbalized for a topic could reveal.

martes, 24 de noviembre de 2015

The fault which had been indicated as a means of the gains of evil

The right which turned pretentious to a gain for camaraderie, with the neutralization of a better aspect in the meaningful of the ignominious but, funny accent of the eccl aired endeavors of the enlightened days of the Jhang. Be hailed also to you glorious Enlightenment Editoria Knight, for making something a little for me, still the beauty in hide becomes a destruction in front of the Mother Seo Hee. Some of here in our cacophonies of youth a man is "nagaama-amahan factor" like the other of the capriciously cursed family, that the Mountain Ziyi must overcome. Somehow others are nakikisali hindi naman progeny. To emulate of a better ignited union to the luring decorum of your bright mind Senora Enlightenment Editoria Knight, somehow GMRC must be established in what all of you are telling to the human surge, to teach animals came from Cabaret what is the meaning of good and bad. The GMRC theorem, like a sense of statistical method shown as images on the articles before could be sanitized, I was a little bit concerned of the ISIS reality for a ridge of a mere engineering introspect to gain of what she could be at wealth. I am playing Star Craft and Battle Realms here. To propagate a better knowledge, a lot of monkey is sabotaging here, the route to an intelligence of a ricocheting praises must be a good abundance to necessities of each human surge, against the culture racism. Things that could be in a better heave could be a deluxe for my wuxe of my certificates. The pedagogical union  of a paradigmatic approaches that sent here in our place is somewhat intriguing to a verge of a longevity of period of time. With the instances of a truth in the meandering totality of nature and society, a massive concoction is delve for their own deluge together in the rudiments of a siege to a parallel diplomacy. Such appraisals of latent diplomacy could be a destructed for the own wantedness of those people making their people like fowls of an animal in the binge of a cage somewhere place that I ignited is a greater fault for a mere consultation of myriad appraisals to make sense of freedom from all of us. Notwithstanding of the rejuvenated aspect of better means, things that could be a contradiction to the hindrance of the mounds of what is a greater fault that must be adhered by a good meandering of neutralization. What am I doing now is not biblical actually, a materialism of freedom and concocted of what could be a good grace is somewhat in a heave of a totality of nature. Somehow I sense not all kapangpangans are brunettes. The evil that lurches in the so called beauty in hide and a bolstered misdemeanor attitude in the alms of the Adelaide could be a good introspect of discipline and camaraderie of a sense of respect to all human indulgence at causes of purity. The purity of my so called citadel and the SRO to follow me as one and only embodiment to the human surge. Define GMRC again, when dealing in the means of righteousness against the misdemeanor of totality of a rigor fusion of a defunct notion of madness. Things where that a must have for a means of a good camaraderie's of each people and of the enlightened so called to be, to learn them what is good and what is bad? Look at you, your still not changing, though the lecture of righteousness had been thought to you. In the name of the funny principles the Mountain Seo Hee is inclining the route of an excellence where that initiating in a promulgation of a good decadence in this fiefdom of the good and bad. to make a mere deluxe the parody could be a funny accent of what are the faults of the ill-demeanor culture to instigate of a good union. To study feminism, egalitarian role always in a heave of victory, the meaning of gender equality is always a feed to stupidity, in the thwart of a recalcitrant behavior somehow people where quite different, all our indulge, all our aesthetically in the eyes of the one who belongs. To make more funny in this comedic route of flesh destructive people, si Marian Rivera nakapasa ng Call Center, nakakatawa, baka alam niya na meaning ng GMRC. 

domingo, 8 de noviembre de 2015

hindi ako yun si Leone Lion ako...

                        Letra yan ahhhh...

Hindi ako si Maxene... Leone Lion ang tawag nila sakin, pero mapagpanggap akong engineer. "Then there is" ang huli kong narinig, sa kalawakan isang mahalumigmig. Ng mga patuchadang rumarachada once and forever Cervantes de Manila na ngayon. Ukol sa aking mga ulat at kumakalat na tsismis, ay may latag ng invigorated aspect. Sa impetus ng isang minor in Spanish ay patuloy pa rin ang aking pagiging illusionado. Ang mga rotunjere sa buhay ko ay masyadong devaluated aspect na nagfafall lang sa relationship rules. Isopropyl alcohol oh... aspirin... pwede ring aspertain sugar nagbabagang balita. Minsan ko lang napakinggan ang mga crab mentallized senseless hugeonauts na mga ito peroang mahalaga ay pagibig. Then sa mga hilarious na instincts of good locomotion of economy, may laging malas sa paligid na hindi karapat dapat. Sa ngayon ginang Enlightenment Editoria Knight may upcomming lagi ang mga presents para sayo at kay Seo Hee. Isang panaginip ang mga nangyari sa buhay ko na dapat kanselahin para sa pugay bigay ng awa sa lahat. Sa mga sunod sunod na antibulang legenda ng karapat dapat ay sa pagpantay pantay. Isang pagbulsok ng mga dahan dahang bar codes ng lason at pampahustong kababalian ng mga sundang ng kayong kamalian na dapat ay iunsyami. Ang mga ugatang dulo dulo sa panlalansing hindi piging ay purong sa isang mandighaw na de latang kadustahan para sa mas karapat dapat. Na ang itimko  at puti ay kulang pa daw, ang S.A.M. ay sumasagot para sa manakam na punong Tabitha Joe na hagulgol ng isang asong dapat sa isang salitang ugat ng kabaluktutan. Nakakairita kayo pareho... PS: mga inigang igado ng ulam sa marosas na piging ng bagong and Wedding at Cana last one "in english". JAHE NAKAKABANAS TALAGA LANGIT.

miércoles, 21 de octubre de 2015

Rowellang taga barrios

It's an afternoon sunset in my life when I encountered this woman. A sort of a median camaradery that gave me salutation of neccessary securities. With my circumstances of an issue, it's a monkey bussiness play to concierge of my wholeness in a f@ct of reallity. With my own instincts it's my creed that bought of you in mother and son relationships where sort of having x business. Somehow I am in a credibility of charitable works since in my fantasy dream, I've lost my circumstances of friends. The negotiable theorem is usually such a syn by my experiences of the fireman before in my life in the farfar castle going to this liblib na lugar. It's awesome thar fairy where possibl6 for having families. Ms Enlightenment the pleasure is all about the fraudulence act and falsifying of documents before in that, the Rowellang taga barrios gave me a hand of help. This negotiating issues somewhat an another experience against the wantedness pf the fireman who doesn't like his image already for a creed of his own self.  The family issues in the fairytale to eternal life is much, of a quintessential to the contradiction of a mimicrieing aspect of anarchy by the government. With my own issues to this hypotheses that I'm ethereally in a view like the other skies the limit factor of my expectancies is that an owned views by myself such things is a color of a good verdict to the proliferation of wealth. These hours are still an another crises especially of what had happened with Mildred Havibore and her husband so to speak. The occurences is still a must have of a an attitude corrector from all of us. In this case of another realm maybe Rowellang taga Bario is much of a contagious paradigm in the change of time and of this society. Rowellang taga Barrio is one in my fantastic dream together with the Don Teodoro realm forth the whims of an expectancy. It's not mother Seo and me that could benefit with this two people anymore, though th@t could be hunted along the liblib na lugar. The wh8ms of a fantais much of another stubborn acts of that indulgence of love who benefitted a lot in the MTV awards without giving me a sense of respect. Anyway I'm still had this growth for my route to an enchanted life expect@cle journey in the egalitarian role of gender to give enlightenment by sage.

jueves, 1 de octubre de 2015

Si Mark Bigotilyo at si Eggnog Bigotilyo...

Nakita ko siya sa HSBC yata nagtatrabaho kay-kisig na lalakeng tila prince charming ko na ata. Mahabaging Enlightenment Editoria Knight, matapos ka naming igalang ng panginoon kong inahing si Search Engine Optimization oh si Jhang. Nakakilala na naman ako ng dalawang makikisig na lalake sa harapang ng aking daanan. Dun lang yun, sa G4 nangyarin tapos ako daw si Irene. Isang kadalubhasaan ng kwento na isang lalakeng si Eggnog Bigotilyo na walang habas na pumalo sa aking lubot at punanggigilan ako parang kanyang kasintahan. Badtrip dahil sa nerbyos ko na mga horad na yun dahil kakatapos ko lang makaingkwentro ng isang demonya sa knockturn alley at kastilyo na gawin kong katotohanan ang pagsapak. Sa mg na ito ang dalawang Bigotilyo ang may awang naging ka-Miss Kim's Million dollar quest ko. Hay naku sa kabalitaan tiningnan lang ako ni Marc Bigotilyo at patuloy na kinain ang kanyang Mcchicken sandwich at 1 pc chicken meal habang magkatabi kami sa Mcdonalds. Isang reminiscing age ng mga taong nanaki sa aking pagkatao makalipas ng magdadalawang siglo kong contraanarchismo sa lahi-lahi at kulturang pangangalaga kay magnolia laban sa mga chippanggas. Malagkit ang titig ni Eggnog sakin ng mga oras na yun, yun nga lang kaylangan niya pa ata magasikaso ng movies na panunuurin niya sa G4 ng mga oras na yun. Hay... isang doraemon na buhay sa ngalan ng nive na lotion ko at reese chocolate na naamoy ko sa mga visitors ko nun. Hindi na masamang tablenas naman authentic pa. Gx in cube root b club ang mga bagay bagay na hinindaan ko para sa paggalang. In the name of chocolate factory ang mga marubdub na dibuho ay labis na para sa mga ngalan ko. Tapos ay patuloy kong nginitian ang mundo para extra income. Yun na nga, nakatingin sa mga kakahuyan habang iniisip si Mark Bigotilyo at nagpatuloy ng mga kabaliktarn hindi totoong pakikipaglaban para sa laban sa magaspang na hari. Kung tutuusin isa siyang Matrix reloaded na dapat parusahan sa walang habas niyang pagdidibuho ng kamalian sa lipunang ito. Usaping pilipino sa ngalan niya kaya`t sagutin natin ng amerikano. Wit kasi watashi na juanitong kalursking boy at mapagpanggap na Latraydora at wit maging wynnana rider. Yun nga, kaya naghilahan kami kahit ayoko then yun nga isa siyang luz valdez.
Simple lang ang buhay ngumite  ka na lang, sa malalang contradiction ng gulugud  sana`y masira na. sa ngayon isang mabuting make over ulit ang dapat gawin para sa counter attack.
Kaya yun...

martes, 29 de septiembre de 2015

Solid harmony

The quest in the real fiefdom where that contradicted to an evade. It was my elementary years reminiscing of the parodies in my life, with the dnaces and glance the etudes of mimicrieing aspects and the deviation of discontinuity. The pervade could be that usually thereof in the different instances of a contradiction to parodies. In the name of the voice which is mine? The better amalgam of myself is reallistically undergoing a formative manners of growth, my neccessities is that forth the contradiction to my thwart of reallity. With the name of me as a citadel what's more of a fadcinating instances where that forth a good heirarchy. With the status of the R.F.P, the rules of Magnolialism as thoughts for a lots where that a million verdict in the instigating ridge of an occult. In the sense of orientalism, the cutlures in mediteranean and asian is of God and Godess not a mere introspect of a king and queen. I chose what's right for me to feel fresh and clean as an endearment to begin a hundred million words forth my own worth in the mere symphony of good reasons. The acquire of a contradiction to the negate of pluralistic essentials where that of a pry to console an ill natured defiance forth the herecy. The contradiction of enviousness could be usually in a void of an aspect forth the turmoils of a vendetta. The siege could be usually in the ridge of a wealth forth my latent contagious assaults, usually I become vivid of what is a correct attitude and intelligence in different senses. Still the snak that lurk is usually in the jive of what ould be a good personification and is a demarche forth the good elaboration of what is a logic. The sense of opposi theorem of syllogism is usually in my contradiction to become a good against the beauty in hide. With the correction of my sociological scents of worth be in my heave forth the good camaraderies of union towards the popularity against sentence of a maligned causes of femminism. The gender equallity in Asia usually assaults of what is firm like in Japan and Korea in the name of Seo Hee Jhang. The emminence must be divergw unwell in the will of a better creed, with the juxtaposed of unearthy will be the name of Asheera and me as the citadel to conclude of my neccessities. To the virile commodities of femminism the equallity must be in a mere international arena not a stripper and a police.  75 Times in a heartbeat of times is that a maligned to the binge of a so called lute, atleast I never did, no once but twice I change of everything like color is passion. the mage of my contradiction to futility of nature could be that forth a better of a good ultimatum for a haste against the herecy of race. The probe of a good deluxed and improvised of siege by good negotiation and a means of oral communication which is usually circulated in the virile of arenas. Be in my name as a citadel forth the aide and scriptures of the Ephraim of Syria and the thoughts of Kristen Kreuk the Magnolia.

miércoles, 26 de agosto de 2015

To be in vital

At a reality... the consanguine won't be in my lodge, still I need some space like Janice Reign have told me. In a mere conspicuous attempts maybe because everything is all about Krizza. The reallity is much in me, forth a vision of what is an aesthetic mind from a rotten tomato and a x material. With my instances of being in a creed for a mere freed of a decadence the name Maggie Zionet is forth a vision of a good tendency. Senora Enlightenment Editoria Knight, the fringe is my ecstacy of what is an envisage of the name Seo. Forth the long live of life the heirarchy could be in a contradiction to the herecy of what is not creed. In my own ridge of a totalitarian aspect could be that unbewildered. The ecstacy must be in a delight of the so called ultimatum to occurt forthe the nearly termination of Seo Hee. Supposedly, of being in a siege pf youngster where usually a good demeanor. Maggie Zionet is a mean of being good daughter of God, a Megami should be a Megani. In my occurences to the envisage of a truth. Somehow the meaning of life and love would be eternal to give an end and destruction of the debunk, misdemeanor and the divulge bad luck.  The meaning of an immobilized unenvisioned definitive senseless anarchism could be an analogous to the heirarchy. If you could reverberate the meaning of the urgent paradigm of diplomacy my sense of the filipino women to capture a union in the UN peace keepers supposedly is a point of view though not good to materialize either analyze.  Forth reasons of the good to be true analyses somehow is my 7000, 100, and 700 year of route for an envisage to the pluralistic coy against a great Satan. Somehow the further more the meaning of Seo is somewhat must be a significance to Maggie Zionet. I saw Eureka Gaudiel earlier a while ago, the fieifdom become democratized by a usshhttp of my word. Now that woman is somewhat avid to the good verdict of mine, still Eury must be an indent to the heaving ironies and opposing of different point of views somewhat is poignant to the envious people. The err is continuous, the pervading cheatting ceremony have in an occurence.

The theory of the so called superlative Seo Hee is in a route for means of a better excellency.  Forthe the contradiction against the so called anarchy the privatized vision of a segregated delusion could be a mere harbour what mustn't be in the denomination of an ichy tasty siege to be cleansed. Avoiding the enviousness could be a mere debunk vision.

sábado, 25 de julio de 2015

The frogmentallity shock

May the name of a holy Seo Hee be usually in good fate...
The image has been ignited for an affirmative resolution of my Asian race...

viernes, 3 de julio de 2015

It was a message...

Meanwhile in my cracken core, it was stood still that Mildred Havibore tend to be nuptial of events. Somehow I'm still stood here in Gala house for luminousities, the unlimited scores of solutions to the problems where that forth the seven candle lits to end of the misdemeamor and the madness of the Seo Hee. However what can I deal with you Ms. Editoria Knight, this afternoon sunset is really quintessential for terms of my being towards the entourage of a fate and whiz for the chamberlains that I maid once, this is Magnolia Krizza Zionet. Somehow everything is yet mischevious that the rivets of the legallities of nature is yet forth the good initial reactions of a mere popularity. In terms of dramaturgical approaches, once you'd already wronged then the shimmer of a default is everything that had to be denoted unethically and hard to be found out correctly, especially if things where that hypothetical. Once this is my affirmative delusion with their so called inferno but I must be equated. Somehow my discoveries in fine fortune for thrift and instances of anti_depression mostly to those who'd been in a maligned odors of malady with the so called love. In this truthfull insurgencies, thwarting the aspect of the rudiments of my valor could be nostalgic. The sky is yet in the sunset, the reaver of a mere platonic memory where that meandered and yeild meltingly. Now because of the cyclical memories invigorating my life before, with the languid mere instincts of the pluralistic essentials to be invoked properly.
I havea new pet aside from Marco, he is Diliaz whom I encountered to be my luck for my studies in UP Diliman and Adamson University. Totallity as it is, my weave of siege to the err of a camaradery could be envisioned very well. The case in my story as an embodiment somehow by many names, I quite sensed of the lacquer of the possitivities of the vindication and reallity of my sojourn. Especially with the madness that occur against me, somehow I fissures of the airy instances forth the so called egalitarian roles of gender discussed fair against the frail. Somehow this is the last day of the month again it was the nearly birthday of the Roman horse. I have to make my own appraisals again as a traveler.

                                                                                Trimmo Candelaria

martes, 2 de junio de 2015

Di pala ko type niyan ehhh...

Minsan, ang sabi mo sa akin sandali na lang, bigla na namang nagbago ang isip niya kaya't sabihin mo oo. Senora enlightenment Editoria knight you are not an equal mother unlike Seo Hee. These hours I'd become a thinker privet drive, my coaelsce faction is that for my luminousity of what is a vigor. Seo Hee, oh Seo Hee our dear mother the probability of being an onlooker of nonchallance is that pretty optimistic. Somehow I'm still happy for a myriad synthesis of society, atleast I make an indeed greater happiness without him. So forth my reflections is that a reallityfor usual honesty towards a better reason, gratifying how I would be to debunk the madness running in the veins of mother Seo Hee. My visions of an exalt is hat for a reallity of a powerful outcome, towards the security in the savage of force and the trials in a mere promoting of being an embodiment. In the case of too much sensitivity, the fiefdom of reallity where that different from motives of senses. Now in the issues underlying with my instances for a mere huffy situation that could be against. From a popularity of perspective, the union of situation is that truthfull by different deterence of views.

Now who'll instigate of the maturity and the visions of myriad complaicancies for pleads. In the totallity of neutralism, the uses of each case is a freed of more union, now with the fruit of my labor the usual phenomena is a contravene against the harbours of the pretenders. So much for perfect culture by many means, in the means of surealistic outcomes the lure is that must to be interwined by newer outcomes usually the work is totallity of a problem solving situation to the answer lookers. Then it's a storyy that I undergoes in different situation, why? because I can reminiscing of what the Seo Hee had told us for more possible outcomes. Now in my sense of defining the moments of my own to the continuous union against the assaults of a one day pervade for answers which is a "reply's to give on how to be insensitive..." Parang Jann Arden lang, that's why, whilst in the visions of my own a better camaradery is forth the grandeur of good issues. That's all...

martes, 28 de abril de 2015

Stress lang... para sa pagkatapis ng paglalaba at Pride Baretta

I think of the Seo or the Search Engine optimization, when you`d vanished like a bubble. Before everything copes up, everything could be ended with my haircut sessions at Serie. Thingking of the Search Engine Optimization, the pedagogical concepts of union is that for the frame of mind. Lots of it is usually forth the MagnolMarendern my terms, to render the issue is to provoke a good culture. Such enthusiasmiasm with instincts could be like soup de lara for the soul. embodimentmbodiment for all and above could be destructive forth the emphathy of essentialism of the culture. With the scenic touch of an aesthetic mind, usually the trend is that of the Bondad. Which they used to tell, now that I say I don`t like, the issue is usually for my rights and righteuosness.

Nung isang araw lang may nakipagusap sa akin, nasabi ko na lang sa kanya bigla ay ang nakakasama ng loob. But then I muttered at least the president is not like them. In the worth of pluralistic essences, I could mutter that people that could be in issue must not partake anymore especially if they were trending in the Payatas.
Libre Banana cue para sa mga biological intercourse. Then my ethereal views of the society is that S.A.M. who knows? Then the materialism is the pride of the power for the boast which is`nt usual anymore. Then I muttered sayang naman si Antoinette Taus wala ng may gusto.
O ayan kababayad ko lang ng 1% para sa GSIS gender equallity. After the super stress pride barreta panglaba, said I that, that labandera woman is a Hairstylist named Enlightenment Editoria Knight. Who knows in my albeit concoctiobs for the Tash A Co. Could be her matter of surgencies. Now Asian could be penetrable for that anti_stress panglaba attitude of the womanhood.

viernes, 10 de abril de 2015

Laronic syndrome... punishment lang yan sa ginawa niyo sakin

It is same as the disease that Laronic syndrome that I`ve discovered since 2008. That in my senses to embody lots of reasons, for the sins of the phantom against me and Magnolia. The good effect is that marriage of him could be destructed now because of his faults. He is, now let the music be a heave of health and conclusion for the so called society. The usual causes is of the mother Seo Hee and auntie Sinai to became a freed for contradiction of you Enlightznment Editoria Knight. The fiefdom is that of a good conclusin for the society, being embodiment forth the values of chipanggas to be perfected by my long term kinship Magnolia should be defaultzd of the abuse of the passages. Everyone must have a history, everyone must have a knowledge and problems to be cured by mathematical conclusion like modal class, mean deviation and median.

With the designated redults redultserr conferre so called assaults to womanhood, that could be interfaced by usual means. Towards the fragility bitterness of dissolute Chippanggas those people of boastful incantations. That the initiated reallity could be an insult to them. The disease is of the, much of the faith tha creeds a majority of their misbehaviour in front of me. Prior to my convictions which reallistically indolent like police people to be dislodge in the righteuosness of the faith. Henceforth the  the society and the occurences of the continuous disease it could be worsen if the head is that contagious of the faults that HE is  doing in this environment.  The Asian people were bound to be effective with those especially that we arare pretty in terms of culture and detriment of racism and color depicting destructable animals.

miércoles, 8 de abril de 2015


On the end of the lunar month, after eclipse what I sensitized is that of the albins to do the right thing in detriment of the people who`s trying to destroy me. In that could be in an anguish denoument for a very tragic end. In my continuous nth hours said I that, I summed up with another 7777 years of life. The fluctuation of monetary habbits to console a good wealth circulation forth the S.A.M. could be promoted very well. As sense of neutrality, the vindication of the SEO editing could be muttered very well. You turned in your hatred ms. ENLIGHTENMENT EDITORIA KNIGHT.
Now could always be a wealth in the veneration of a spectacle with the means of a contradiction to the analogous of union and democracy of people in hindrance, particularly to be denoted by bountiful instances of contradiction to usual occults of the White Zombies, you turned once Paulo Avelino and Erwan in my continuous dream of a quintessential terms. Now with my despise. I became fragile before and should have to finish my journey with struggles and challenges. Now before the eve of expectancies could be a means of denoument by the so called materialism of Wealths and Pleasures (Donna). As a sensitization of introspectintrospectheirarchyo always be a means of heirarchy to the debunk of beauties and the hideous.
 The glory of light...

martes, 24 de febrero de 2015

8 @m sasama ka ba sa akin, he asks whilst I`m sleeping...

Then in that morning, I see the problem again especially of the strong reasons which he told me that midnight 5:30 am to 6. It was a really convulsion of my problems. Because of the event inaugurated that eve, said I that everything seemed to be scary especially in terms of anarchy and so called archetypal views. I believe in that creed the matter is my manhood which had femminism of the issue. In my case one week after I`d met the man who told me of the venerating issues with the ideological instances of what is already occuring in my continuous change or my transfiguration if society. In my dealt with the anarchy so to speak, he isn`t a man who have deteriorating introspection especially in terms of my complicated means of society. With the essences of his wicked words I demanded not to be adhered in the community. In my verge of what is a harbour of things to be correct by my initiative of efforts. That with his manhood, the story is always in my deterioration of what was occuring by the deviance in my life, in that he can create either establish everything that can destroy me. Before I felt the delusion of harmony because of his pessimistic denial. Now with my own aspect of what is reallistically binded with the truth and the fault. Said I that in the name of enlightenment editoria knight I won`t conjoin myself of their wants in life and now this vye of the man or the phantom to do everything what is right, I will do mine. For the sake of my race, I will deviate what is must to deviate especially in the probabilities of good creed, in order for my own case to solve as a new Donn not Angeline anymore. People are metaphorically untrustworthy, especially when dealing with the suffocating life that I`m enduring to evade the disoriental demeanor occuring against the faults of the phantom. Now is the time, for the guilty will suffer.

viernes, 20 de febrero de 2015

Imbyernang init ng ulo...

Affirmatively, I turned furious against the people because of the avid meandering of my own aura. It was an eve to remember after my ironical views of the armistice towards the pluralistic views of society. With my esque of good manipulation by a lot of means, the realistic essences is that of a mere resemblance termed by a rational society. To conclude of an against of the pivots of archetypal heirarchy against the anarchy, with my sociological approaches of a meaningful S.A.M. With my ardours of the valor against the contradicting siege for a good mentallity. The visions of my fidgeting reallity is that a more viable by good causes. Imbyernang init ng ulo sabi ko nga, but still in my reallity the more things could be in a creed for effectivity of the change of the society. Whilst against the dangers of my life, the progeny of the consequential answers that I'm heaving with myself is that for their own visions of laquering their wants by means of turning my ways in a varriable visions by their own harbours abode. Be with my strength of an against to deterring aspects of their union. Now with my ecclairs of a possible ecclectic accumulation, the greater expectancies could I gain the more I could become eager in terms of suffrage. Especially of the myriad vindiction of greater means, now with my continuous assert for the so called S.A.M. the continuous change of weather and the food to comply in my continuous surgencies for the possible emminence of my good instances towards pluralistic essentials.
May the name of the Seo could always be in a haste, forth the surgencies of a harbouring union. By means of the heretical people the ultimatum's greatness, with my esque of onwards a turning point of good expectations. The more things could revolve im different ways, the more essential faction could exchange your instances of a good acknowledgement. In my aforementioning imploration of the S.A.M. The totallity of change and an against to the diffusion of wealth shpuld have a better expectancies of death in exchange to more universal once of prioritizing a mere imploration of good mentallity. Imbyernang init ng ulo, go back to your seats.

miércoles, 18 de febrero de 2015

The Emmo Hemmian Rhapsody

In my concoctions of a thwart to the good heirarchy against the pinnacles for a good route. The cyclical theorem of a hegemonized visions with a myriad anarchy tend to be vindictive onwards the so called pluralistic essentials. My incarceration as an Emmo Hemmian enervated the catasthrope against the occults. The life heresy to be ignited away, termed as a verge to the armistice of good union, especially of the mesmerizing contradiction of a so called delusion. My introspection of a good essence couldn`t be destructed away by many means. Owards the good assaults of sociological awareness that I`m in the means of good pedagogical concept.
The swifter could accumulate all the means of my hegemony, the better could ease and hasten the atonement of most guman surgencies. Of the reallity and consolement of society and nature, said I that I`m myriad of dealing with the perfection of my friendly images. Onwards the hypotheses of society the inertia is usually at all costs of my story inspired emmo hemmian. The colorful and fancy image that I could term as a good ensemble for the totallity of a good nature for a mere expectancies... that one day my esque as a woman citadel above the solutions for greater ridge of an against to ravage life instance. Another story for you senora Enlightenment Editoria Knight.

martes, 17 de febrero de 2015

The Flash

Are you com`table... oh not that warming. He loves me very much... yet after acknowledging everything he`s a she. It`s everything that matters that Paulo Avelino men who happened to be a must to tweet with my hash tags. Aside from it I have to be careful, especially of my dirty little secrets. Now that he`s also a woman like me. In so many strengths and instruments like nitrate sulfate. How things could be bound for legal especially of the heresies to be abide away in my life. It`s afternoon here in Philippines Ms. Enlightenment editoria Knight, bound that Einstein`s having great humor in the means of ethereal views. However it`s your fault why my ancient ancestors tend to be obnoxious of the phenomena running these hours.
                     May nunal pa yan...
No!!!!!!!!! Because F. Is for serenade that I should sing each day. It`s just a new set of my temptations being Angeline for the truth of harmony. Until the day I let him go for the visions of good heirarchy not anarchy. Ay hindi!!!!!!!! Said I with my continuous apprehension to devoid the luminousity of an ironical viscidus options that he had. Difficult it is for me, to create a raporte of mt theme as a citadel to conclude beneathe the rancors of the binge of the so called creed as a cursed of the phantom or the difficulty giver. Ang gwapo pa naman ni Barry, but then I can eat as many human flesh as I can tend to scale the wraths imploring in my life. Towards my minarets, flow the wealth if wanted to become a Helena or Shaina.
The ridges of my continuous envision of the counterattack to yearns for an addiction. Had I remember last time what Harriel Wizardium muttered with me about the "yearn for closeness" or maybe she`s just a good friend why she blurted out those words. In my psychological femminism the problem is already been discussed with my life. Tonight I was nearly been objected to a monkey`s deluctable treat, then I on one hand meamdered that the ultimatum had renegades to destruct my enemies away.
                               Tienes ultima nuestro de reina por Seo...