domingo, 21 de septiembre de 2014

mga issue

Plus the size 8 hour photo that I give you last time... I hate it ulitin no yan imbyernang inint ng ulo tong batang toh ahhhh... plus hay naku I'm not psychopathetic human being to conclude this world for fairies... for me you've died a long time ago. In my times of journey I'm that  enthusiastic of being a flavor of desired success. My life is îii a constant struggle by many people who's always enough for the enough and I need some space.  With the meaningful wraths which isn't conclusion but a real false witness people in the conglomerates of  a good inertia my whims is that purposive of a reality. In the conducive  perplex of visions I am Of that significant to become to good to be true. The threat of misdemeanor is not of a color. With the sense of that I may say  but to good to be true especially that I am  always with Seo, Ziyi and Sena            Kim. Because of the diluting aspects of my demeanor the culture of  having           mm. strengths of a human being is always for good set of culture. Asian is always Asian like bisaya, ilocano and bicolano for a very purposive  aspect which is I can say that even though the world is full chipanggas, always Asian ilocan bicolano  and    with edge of f
Favors in the essences of what is  your likes  that may in the name of Asian culture  would'nt be of despair  reasons for ethereality. Of things were always in necessity the purpose of   the edge of solutions is always wokld peace!,,,,,,, ;)   Tagalog may win the race especially in the name of Seo. I am not human being dreaming to become a woman but  I can. Say that  the real world satisfies society that  Seo or search engine society jje optimization with s  as a Zion or Asian creature until my feastive joyful days. Telling the truth nothing but the truth for terms of feminism.  I may not tell that I can solve equations for. Possible solutions. But the mere fact which is in the issues of reality is always that positive for learning the International society. I have of won repertoire for what I was I. My life, How dare people to  create a nausea in terms of my Memories the possible reality for everything  that I may explain is for what is  good Korean and international Chinese principles. I am. Of for power. It's what quite essential is things that may coincide with the the balance of society  especially in the reality of good conclusion. May  the sense of what is a good camaradery of  of international studies. Everyday is a learning annyong haseyo....

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