martes, 24 de febrero de 2015

8 @m sasama ka ba sa akin, he asks whilst I`m sleeping...

Then in that morning, I see the problem again especially of the strong reasons which he told me that midnight 5:30 am to 6. It was a really convulsion of my problems. Because of the event inaugurated that eve, said I that everything seemed to be scary especially in terms of anarchy and so called archetypal views. I believe in that creed the matter is my manhood which had femminism of the issue. In my case one week after I`d met the man who told me of the venerating issues with the ideological instances of what is already occuring in my continuous change or my transfiguration if society. In my dealt with the anarchy so to speak, he isn`t a man who have deteriorating introspection especially in terms of my complicated means of society. With the essences of his wicked words I demanded not to be adhered in the community. In my verge of what is a harbour of things to be correct by my initiative of efforts. That with his manhood, the story is always in my deterioration of what was occuring by the deviance in my life, in that he can create either establish everything that can destroy me. Before I felt the delusion of harmony because of his pessimistic denial. Now with my own aspect of what is reallistically binded with the truth and the fault. Said I that in the name of enlightenment editoria knight I won`t conjoin myself of their wants in life and now this vye of the man or the phantom to do everything what is right, I will do mine. For the sake of my race, I will deviate what is must to deviate especially in the probabilities of good creed, in order for my own case to solve as a new Donn not Angeline anymore. People are metaphorically untrustworthy, especially when dealing with the suffocating life that I`m enduring to evade the disoriental demeanor occuring against the faults of the phantom. Now is the time, for the guilty will suffer.

viernes, 20 de febrero de 2015

Imbyernang init ng ulo...

Affirmatively, I turned furious against the people because of the avid meandering of my own aura. It was an eve to remember after my ironical views of the armistice towards the pluralistic views of society. With my esque of good manipulation by a lot of means, the realistic essences is that of a mere resemblance termed by a rational society. To conclude of an against of the pivots of archetypal heirarchy against the anarchy, with my sociological approaches of a meaningful S.A.M. With my ardours of the valor against the contradicting siege for a good mentallity. The visions of my fidgeting reallity is that a more viable by good causes. Imbyernang init ng ulo sabi ko nga, but still in my reallity the more things could be in a creed for effectivity of the change of the society. Whilst against the dangers of my life, the progeny of the consequential answers that I'm heaving with myself is that for their own visions of laquering their wants by means of turning my ways in a varriable visions by their own harbours abode. Be with my strength of an against to deterring aspects of their union. Now with my ecclairs of a possible ecclectic accumulation, the greater expectancies could I gain the more I could become eager in terms of suffrage. Especially of the myriad vindiction of greater means, now with my continuous assert for the so called S.A.M. the continuous change of weather and the food to comply in my continuous surgencies for the possible emminence of my good instances towards pluralistic essentials.
May the name of the Seo could always be in a haste, forth the surgencies of a harbouring union. By means of the heretical people the ultimatum's greatness, with my esque of onwards a turning point of good expectations. The more things could revolve im different ways, the more essential faction could exchange your instances of a good acknowledgement. In my aforementioning imploration of the S.A.M. The totallity of change and an against to the diffusion of wealth shpuld have a better expectancies of death in exchange to more universal once of prioritizing a mere imploration of good mentallity. Imbyernang init ng ulo, go back to your seats.

miércoles, 18 de febrero de 2015

The Emmo Hemmian Rhapsody

In my concoctions of a thwart to the good heirarchy against the pinnacles for a good route. The cyclical theorem of a hegemonized visions with a myriad anarchy tend to be vindictive onwards the so called pluralistic essentials. My incarceration as an Emmo Hemmian enervated the catasthrope against the occults. The life heresy to be ignited away, termed as a verge to the armistice of good union, especially of the mesmerizing contradiction of a so called delusion. My introspection of a good essence couldn`t be destructed away by many means. Owards the good assaults of sociological awareness that I`m in the means of good pedagogical concept.
The swifter could accumulate all the means of my hegemony, the better could ease and hasten the atonement of most guman surgencies. Of the reallity and consolement of society and nature, said I that I`m myriad of dealing with the perfection of my friendly images. Onwards the hypotheses of society the inertia is usually at all costs of my story inspired emmo hemmian. The colorful and fancy image that I could term as a good ensemble for the totallity of a good nature for a mere expectancies... that one day my esque as a woman citadel above the solutions for greater ridge of an against to ravage life instance. Another story for you senora Enlightenment Editoria Knight.

martes, 17 de febrero de 2015

The Flash

Are you com`table... oh not that warming. He loves me very much... yet after acknowledging everything he`s a she. It`s everything that matters that Paulo Avelino men who happened to be a must to tweet with my hash tags. Aside from it I have to be careful, especially of my dirty little secrets. Now that he`s also a woman like me. In so many strengths and instruments like nitrate sulfate. How things could be bound for legal especially of the heresies to be abide away in my life. It`s afternoon here in Philippines Ms. Enlightenment editoria Knight, bound that Einstein`s having great humor in the means of ethereal views. However it`s your fault why my ancient ancestors tend to be obnoxious of the phenomena running these hours.
                     May nunal pa yan...
No!!!!!!!!! Because F. Is for serenade that I should sing each day. It`s just a new set of my temptations being Angeline for the truth of harmony. Until the day I let him go for the visions of good heirarchy not anarchy. Ay hindi!!!!!!!! Said I with my continuous apprehension to devoid the luminousity of an ironical viscidus options that he had. Difficult it is for me, to create a raporte of mt theme as a citadel to conclude beneathe the rancors of the binge of the so called creed as a cursed of the phantom or the difficulty giver. Ang gwapo pa naman ni Barry, but then I can eat as many human flesh as I can tend to scale the wraths imploring in my life. Towards my minarets, flow the wealth if wanted to become a Helena or Shaina.
The ridges of my continuous envision of the counterattack to yearns for an addiction. Had I remember last time what Harriel Wizardium muttered with me about the "yearn for closeness" or maybe she`s just a good friend why she blurted out those words. In my psychological femminism the problem is already been discussed with my life. Tonight I was nearly been objected to a monkey`s deluctable treat, then I on one hand meamdered that the ultimatum had renegades to destruct my enemies away.
                               Tienes ultima nuestro de reina por Seo...