miércoles, 18 de febrero de 2015

The Emmo Hemmian Rhapsody

In my concoctions of a thwart to the good heirarchy against the pinnacles for a good route. The cyclical theorem of a hegemonized visions with a myriad anarchy tend to be vindictive onwards the so called pluralistic essentials. My incarceration as an Emmo Hemmian enervated the catasthrope against the occults. The life heresy to be ignited away, termed as a verge to the armistice of good union, especially of the mesmerizing contradiction of a so called delusion. My introspection of a good essence couldn`t be destructed away by many means. Owards the good assaults of sociological awareness that I`m in the means of good pedagogical concept.
The swifter could accumulate all the means of my hegemony, the better could ease and hasten the atonement of most guman surgencies. Of the reallity and consolement of society and nature, said I that I`m myriad of dealing with the perfection of my friendly images. Onwards the hypotheses of society the inertia is usually at all costs of my story inspired emmo hemmian. The colorful and fancy image that I could term as a good ensemble for the totallity of a good nature for a mere expectancies... that one day my esque as a woman citadel above the solutions for greater ridge of an against to ravage life instance. Another story for you senora Enlightenment Editoria Knight.

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