martes, 9 de diciembre de 2014

The 20th...

It's my value again Senora Enlightenment Editoria Knight, everything is my defense with the power Seo, she's still not around. In my circumstances against the aggresive greed of selfishness and hungry detergent women of no indulgences of embarrasment with what her wants in terms of my righteousness. Ganun ahhh... then in my own faction of being an on believer with the terms of the orientalism state of good consciousness. The palatable knowledge is that an unsensible nuissance. For me how could everything be justified with good possibilities if there's no result for a good locomotion. The beautiful extravagance is always for a more complicated thing of society would change with the angst of emotions. Senora Enlightenment what's the have for the must have is always in one insight. The mutter of stealing isn't my vision for people who know's how to be quintessential against the rigor of being an exotic person. The change is that for Seoul Korea's alter for the union of most intimacies, from the strength of a ten women. The issue on the United Nations Filipina peace keepers from Philippines to the muttering of orientalism is that an against of envy and pride. The lucrative memory is always a veneration of maligned apostacy for the hypocrytic antagonism of the medieval, traditional, proletariat and the modern world. The more stressful the better the work, the more falsified, the better the outcome of the proximities against the lies and the opposite reaction to the mischeviousness of a good stalemate. Eventually the upheaved of my realistic diplomacy is always for neutrality outcomes though, I'm not interested of cheap people. Especially that everything is in an heirarchical order. I am the queen of Scotland and you are my subject, as what it was said in the memories of a good nation. Apologetically speaking if I may create a pessimistic visions but is a notion for the alms of dealing the armaments for the provocative issues. When in terms of your wants maybe there will be a good cause especially of my impted applaud, with the vindiction of truth. Seo is a better means in the subject of threat especially against child labor and women oppression. Just if you create your own justification with the so called nonchallance of nature and an unwind of a punitive growth. Far more it is, I had to make a better whims on route to the equilibrium of wealth. Far more as it is, there should be an assault to the enviousness or of been affected by debunk then it is an against for the much opinionated union. So to speak with the reality, the veer is always that there is a door for everyone. Things would be enunciated only for me and my mother Seoul Korea and me as a daughter to be with her. Much of it, what's my veneration is always for a more reasonable which is good for everyone's story. How far? How come if you created her like that, bloody hell with the kuraywa uzyshui kumdongii denomination that you look like spilled with acid cement. It's always for a better endearment, my apologies but things must change amd everything must be complicated.

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