viernes, 10 de abril de 2015

Laronic syndrome... punishment lang yan sa ginawa niyo sakin

It is same as the disease that Laronic syndrome that I`ve discovered since 2008. That in my senses to embody lots of reasons, for the sins of the phantom against me and Magnolia. The good effect is that marriage of him could be destructed now because of his faults. He is, now let the music be a heave of health and conclusion for the so called society. The usual causes is of the mother Seo Hee and auntie Sinai to became a freed for contradiction of you Enlightznment Editoria Knight. The fiefdom is that of a good conclusin for the society, being embodiment forth the values of chipanggas to be perfected by my long term kinship Magnolia should be defaultzd of the abuse of the passages. Everyone must have a history, everyone must have a knowledge and problems to be cured by mathematical conclusion like modal class, mean deviation and median.

With the designated redults redultserr conferre so called assaults to womanhood, that could be interfaced by usual means. Towards the fragility bitterness of dissolute Chippanggas those people of boastful incantations. That the initiated reallity could be an insult to them. The disease is of the, much of the faith tha creeds a majority of their misbehaviour in front of me. Prior to my convictions which reallistically indolent like police people to be dislodge in the righteuosness of the faith. Henceforth the  the society and the occurences of the continuous disease it could be worsen if the head is that contagious of the faults that HE is  doing in this environment.  The Asian people were bound to be effective with those especially that we arare pretty in terms of culture and detriment of racism and color depicting destructable animals.

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