miércoles, 30 de diciembre de 2015

Eeeehhhhh... anu ba kasi...

Hil again on top...

On a warm cocoon...
The visions is of a greed against defiance
To be inculcated of dreams
is to remember of a whim
To be blonde is like being tagalog

To be Dark as hair is to become tagalog
To poverty would goes run
To make eclair would be done for fight
The visions is like being me as Ephraim

The worth could be in Snow White as Dark as knight
Be me could become tagalog for all my might
The whim is for dare to console
The Tagalog could always be in fusion against the scent could unveil.

Could be the fusion and vision ofTagalog and blondes
not for brunettes be in the reign of my equestrians might
The beam forth haste would fair the reign.
Would be so forth my ardous filth.

In this blonde for shoes in drizzling complementary hues
Would be enigmatical forth self conscious of hints
Forth my Sanctimonium in seige of fairty
The once bad could be a have for ridge of fail of thoughts.

To be verbalized for a topic could reveal.

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