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The oral report


I used to be a working student taking Business Administration, and now I'm in second year level. As a working student I work in a promodizing company during night, I took 8pm to 5am in the morning as my working hours. My mother work as a Longganisa vendor at the market, I am third of the five children, my father left us and married another woman. My sister Rosette, the eldest of the five children is already pregnant but still, she helps our mother in selling Longganisa. Leon, the second eldest who happens to be a taxi driver at night and student in morning helps me together with my mother in giving the needs of our 2 youngest siblings for their High school studies. The fourth children Ellerie is 14 year old now, she pays a lot more attention on her studies that's why she's one of the honored students in their school while Jerry the youngest one, is a varsity of men's basketball league in their school that's why we don't pay anymore tuition fees in their school but only their everyday allowance.
One morning I woke up late in my bed to prepare myself for school, my mother had started to call me. "Monalisa!!!! Wake up!!! Your late!!!! Breakfast is ready!!! Your coffee is already cold!!! Monalisa!!!" Then I shouted at my bed, "Ok, ok!!! going up!!!" after the nuisance mother called my brother Leon, "Leon your already late, how will you going to earn a thousands of pesos if you pay too much attention of your bread and coffee!!!" "Never mind mother I assure you I can bring back a million when I return this night," Leon nodded after talking. Meanwhile I wake up, prepare my clothes and take a bath, after the routine I immediately sip my coffee and eat fried rice with Longanisa as my meal. After the breakfast I run outside our home to go to school. "Mother I'll go back home late at midnight I have my work tonight after classes!!!" I shouted eagerly outside our home before walking straight alone. 
After classes, my direction towards office made me feel exhausted, while entering the office the security guard and receptionists greet me very well. "Good evening madame" aunt Levy, our very own security guard give me a nice hello. "Oh what a pleasant evening aunt Levy" I replied a nice vow. As I am near the registry section Imee and Lady (the receptionist of our company) greet me and ask for my ID, "Good morning Ms. Monalisa welcome to Miracle promodizing company can I have your ID?" (Imee asked me) "Oh sure, here it is, Good evening Imee and Lady." After lending my ID, I walk straight at my office, then there I meet my colleagues. "Another evening my student friend" Arlene the woman who had a big voice greeted me. "Well let's call it a night, how's love life my boyish friend?" I prompted, then a cool relaxing voice was heard at my back and it was Avee. "For sure, Arlene Andromeda never misses the day of her life looking at Michael Chabert, Take note "Michael Chabert" our supervisor. "Errr... Avee your still the same, you never missed yourself on looking for love one heheheh I reacted with much excitement. "Hey hey hey!!!! stop arguing your non sense situations go back to work!!! Then Ms. Jackie (our head) shouted in front of the door. Then all the employees inside remained silent then go back to work.
Miracle promodizing company is a huge fan of wishes, we sell bath and body products for men and women. But before going home employees used to go at the miracle well, where all of us cast out our wishes and throw one peso coin for the benefit of our dreams. After the devious work at night, Arlene, Avee and I came together to go home. "Well... I saw my beloved boss "Kenneth Mckinley" Avee started to give a topic, "If miracles come Avee all our wishes may come true and my wish is that I become a 100% woman, a complete woman who will be loved by a prince," Arlene uttered again about her dreams. "How about you Monalisa? Our beloved sister what's your wish?" Avee asked me. "Hmmmm...  As for me I wish to be a wealthy business women one day, in that, I could help my family in our expenses. With my wealth, mother will stop selling Longanisa anymore," I  answered them politely then I wave my hair with my right hand. Then the three of us left each other, Avee ride on a taxi, Arlene ride on a jeepney and as for me I ride MRT to go home.
On my way home, I meet a lady, crying but without any idea I tried to talk to her. "Madame, why are you crying?" I asked the lady. "I don't have money anymore due to bankruptcy, my husband left me and married another woman. I don't know where to go?" the lady answered me while sobbing. "Ohh... For God's sake I don't have enough money anymore, the money inside my pocket is just a money for fare trip, how could I help you?" I reacted then sighed and put my hands in my pocket. Then the lady pitied herself and asked me a permission, "I don't have any house to sleep with, no family, my friends ignored me and I have no more relatives to run but you." "But what can I do? How am I goin' to  help you? I answered while pitieing her. "Can I sleep at your home at the mean time, dear lady?" The Lady requested. "Maybe you can go with me but our home is not suffice to meet your standards and demands since that it seems like you came from a wealthy family, after talking I look at her long sleeve blouse with black buttons, long black pants together with her Gucci traveling bag and jewelries. "My dear, these are my last pieces of jewelries you can sell it if you want then let me give a chance to live in your home, dear please... I don't have shoulder to lean on, a family to share on my pain and grief. I don't know what to do if I would be alone, after talking the lady shed tears that made her make-up spread around her face, lipstick squirmed around her mouth, her tears washed her eye liners and blush-on had distorted. "Never mind madame, that's the precious treasure left in your bag keep it," I denied what she's trying to give me. Looking at her ponytailed hair encircling around her head made me analyzed that she's above 50 years old.
After talking with her on the bench,we go home carrying her luggage that made my mother surprised. "Monalisa, who's that lady?!" Mother asked me. " "Mother, I met her on my way home, she's crying due to bankruptcy, and never think of her family backgorund since she had no family left behind to take care of her anymore," then I put my hands on my pocket after talking with my mother and raise my right eyebrows twicely to convinced her. With an anxious manner, mother simply hold my arms and pulled me to whisper something while the lady was left at my back. "Monalisa, you know how much we spend in electricity, food and water, the money you gave me last night is enough for us. If you will bring an additional migrant inside this house we'll starve to death." I sighed after mother had whispered me then scratch my chin and pout my lips. "Well... Since I'm the one who helps in running the needs of this house I prefer you, I mean us to help this lady and I promise you I'll double the value of money that I will give you this coming payday." My mother nearly shed tears since there's a new member in the family who come and will also be provided by necessities. "Mother, don't worry, expect me you will earn a miracle after this.
Dinner is serve at night mother called us to eat, Rosette, Leon, Monalisa, Ellerie, Jerry the food is stoop on the table, time to eat!!!! Then all of a sudden, Rosette stop crocheting longanisa, Ellerie stop studying, Leon wake up on his bed, Jerry stop dribling the ball and I on my side stop talking with the lady and invited her to go on the table to eat our dinner. As we walk closely on the table mother started to talk, "Ohh... I forgot we have one new member to feed inside this home..." With a disappointed look mother get a pitcher of water cascading it on the glasses. "Uhhh...ehem... ehem... don't mind her madame she acts like that because she's worried of what might come next. Anyway madame, we're talking for about 24 hours but we still not know each other, what's your name?" Then the lady answered, "Veronica... Veronica Magwayan, just call me Ms. Veron," after answering the lady bowed her head acting shy at my mother, mother on the other hand made an impish smile but with glance of pitiful manner at Ms. Veron. "Anyway I'm Monalisa Batuhan, just call me Mon-mon since my friends used to call me that name. That's my brother Leon, she's sister Rosette and that two, were my younger siblings Ellerie and Jerry. Guys would you give... Her a nice introduction, since she left us a nice hello?" Then my brothers and sisters smiled at Ms. Veron, "Goodevening Ms. Veron!" After their greetings everyone smiled while my mother on the other hand still had smiled with an impish face then sighed. After the dinner each of us got back in our own lifestyles; studying, dribling the ball until 9 pm onwards came and everyone go to their beds as for me tonight will be a happy feisty time since I had no work and no classes so its time for me to have a rest day. One Monday night, I wake up early to go to school when I saw a letter at my table and tried to open it. It say's there;
    To my friend Mon-mon,
        It's a nice thing to know that you cared so much with my situation, I'm so glad that you help me where to sleep, eat and drink. I enjoyed so much with your company though your mother is a little bit mad at me. Though its frustrating I still understand her, and I read in her eyes she's a very generous woman like you. All the things you shared me in this home will be my value of sense of gratitude with you one day. I expect one day you will surprised at me that I will also share you one of my blessings.
                                         All this,
                                        Ms. Veron :)
On my way to school I felt so astonished knowing that Ms. Veron left the house without any idea. Even in my class I don't understand anything form my professor, all I remember is that Feasibility studies aim to objectively and rationally uncover the strengths and weaknesses of the existing business or proposed venture, opportunities and threats as presented by the environment, the resources required to carry through, and ultimately the prospects for succes. In its simplest term, the two criteria to judge feasibility are cost required and value to be attained. Everything in my head blows up like an explosive bomb after the sudden lost of Ms. Veron. After classes I go straight to my office (Miracle promodizing co.) there, I saw a bunch of employees at the hall having a grand party. Then there's a big question mark in my head, what was it all about? I tried to take a deep breath then continued walking then made a sudden pause and put my hands on my waist. I put my effort on peeking around. Suddenly I saw a woman walking on the stage, she smiled at me and I wandered at her face, she seems familiar. She get the microphone and started to talk; "These past days my company started to have a brainstorming for what our company will do in order for our employees to become more loyal and industious with their work in Miracle. Then my assistant made a suggestion, Mrs. Milagros, what if we play a game, let's try to pick one employee then you have to pretend that you suffered under bankruptcy. Let's see if he or she will help you," then I argued with my assistant, "what if she help me?" My assitant answered me while puting her hands close together at the table, "then she will be rewarded as one of the stockholders in our company she'll be shared 3% of the companies earnings." Then I gladly say "What a pleasant idea dear, this is once in a lifetime that we will give some of the shares of our company since our products were selling like hotcakes." After the long hours of brainstorming, I acted like I don't have family anymore and the lucky girl who help me is... That lady wearing a bluegreen shirt and jeans, then the woman pointed at me. "Woahhh!!!! I was surprised when everything in my flashback returned and it was she... Ms. Veron!!! The widowed woman who suffered under bankruptcy. Now I realized she's the one and only owner of Miracle promodizing co., and ooohhh... Not me, not me, She's walking close to me and Arrrggghhh... She's going to hold my hands. I felt the embarrassment cooking within my innerself and now she's here pulling me towards the stage." Ms. Veron then tried to pull me against the crowd and walk on the stage together with me. "Are you shocked upon seeing me?" Ms. Veron talk with me holding the microphone and made me intensely nervous, she gave me the microphone and it made me felt so embarassed in front of the crowd. All I can say in front of the audience is (Hello, seems like everyone of you were happy to see me in front of you, giving me the idea that I gain something from this company, and that is what Ms. Veron is telling you all. That I will have a share in all the earnings of this company, so thank you.) after talking I smiled but it seems that I'm just trying to look nice in front of the crowd but the truth is that I'm shy."  After talking Ms. Veron talk with me, "are you happy now young lady? And Bby the way my real name is Luzviminda Milagros, just call me Mrs. Luz. Remember what I told you on the letter last time?" "Ahhhmmmm... You told me that you'll share me some of your blessings one day" I replied. And that was it young lady. That day I enjoy talking with Mrs. Milagros, especially that, from now on I'll earn 3 % of the company's share.
The party ended, I walk alone on my way going home, and there I saw my mother with and agonizing eyes. I tried to ask her, "What's wrong mother?" Then mother replied while scratching her head and tried to to create a chuk chak hairstyle then talk with me. "My serendipitious daughter unfortunately we've lost our revenues for making mounts of Longanisas, I can't sell Longanisa anymore, and your brother Leon have lost his job earlier this morning, how can we get money to eat, drink and pay for our shelter? We've lost anything especially when Veron came in the house. I waste too much penny when she stayed in our house, depression is coming upon my nerves I don't have any idea where to get money!!!!" After talking I smiled in front of mother then tell her the good news. "Uhum uhum... I have a good news for you mother, today I spent time struggling on my classes though I hardly understand my professor. My mind is busy wondering about the sudden lost of Mrs. Veron. After classes I walk straight on my office then I saw a crowd having a party. Without any idea I saw Mrs. Veron talking in front of the stage telling the story about what happened with her these past days. I've realized that time while she's telling her story, (her pitiful story to get my sympathy is just a game to know how much effort I will give in order to allow her stay with us at home.)" "Then?" Mother ask me to continue the story. "Then... with that game I won 3% of the shares of the company. So each month whenever the company earn a million bucks, I'll gain 3%  of its shares. "So?" Mother reiterated, "we're rich now!!! Mom!!!! we'll earn a hundred thousand pesos each month. After the long time chat, mom was shocked the run out of the house and boost about the good news. Meanwhile my brother Leon came astounding looking at mother outside the house and wondering at me. On my side I just smiled at my brother then raise my shoulders showing him an action that I don't know anything. But I tell him the good news as he walk inside the kitchen to take his merienda. But brother continued sipping the coffee seemingly that he's not believing with my story. While reading the newspaper he immediately spit the coffee while looking at my picture with Ms. Milagros. "So its true?" Leon's cunning face was stunned at me then shouted inside the entire house. "We're rich!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We're rich!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Leon then eat a big bunch of bread and shouted with joy. One morning I went back to office and there I saw Avee and Arlene happily staring at me. They tap my shoulders and started to jape, "Mon-mon what a wonderful news your a rich girl now!!!" Then I kink my mouth and play in agony, "What I'm going to do now? I'm a rich girl, hoohoohoohoo!! Mother will not sell Longanissa anymore, what am I going to do? Do I have to burrow money for fare trip or food? Hoohhoohoohooh!!!! I'm crying Whoah!!!!" Then Arlene slap me, Whoafack!!!! "Ouch!!!" "Hey rich girl, your still not treating us at a classy restaurant." "Hey rich girl wanna know a story?" Avee talk while smiling at me. "So what's the good news?" I asked her. "I am going to marry Kenneth Mckinley, take note "Our prenuptial will be at Califronia USA and don't worry everything's going to be fine and the two of you is invited." "Another good news rich girl," Arlene continued to talk, "So what's your good news my chubby, boyish, Vietnamese girlfriend?" "My prince charming courts me everyday and I completely going to be a 100% woman. After the good news  we look at the heavens above, talk, then sighed, "what a pleasant dream? God's Miracle came true."


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