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A Filipina Peace keeper; roles on United Nations security from America to Philippines


{ (Nazaria Lagos-1851-1945) Known as the “Florence Nightingale of Panay”, Nazaria Lagos is also known as the first woman president of Red Cross Ilo-Ilo  in 1897. Despite on being good in terms of the Church and the government in Ilo-ilo. Nazaria and her husband Segundo secretly supported the Filipino revolutionaries, and would often host the secret meetings of the leaders inside their homes in Duenas. During one such meeting, she became the head of the hospital set up by the revolutionaries in Jaguimit. She served her position well, soliciting for medical supplies and manpower from the towns people.} The principle allegedly distributes a usual muttering of fidelity with the essences of haste in a security towards thwart to Happy Ending. Usually it designates A Filipino to American History in paradigms of approaches through a visage sociological impact and phenomenon for diverse impact of denouement not only through Philippines, not only around America but as an elaborate subpoena around the global environment and the running concentrix of a consensus in splurge for humanity. Amidst the heredity of international facets of facades just like Johari Window, an integrated amicability of heroine in the merge of enemies to collaborate in the aide of the protection that angst the fiefdom in harmony. A synchronized divulge armaments that had been concluded by diplomacy. {Monika: Today it is my pleasure and honour to interview Sass Rogando Sasot, a transpinay (a Filipina trans woman of Philippine descent) advocating for the dignity of trans people, aspiring to become an international relations scholar and practitioner of diplomacy, and hoping to improve the visibility of trans folks in international politics. Hello Sass!
Sass: Hello, Monika! Thank you for having me here!
Monika: Could you say a few words about yourself?
Sass: I am a passionate, reflective, dedicated, and determined person. I love to read, write, and reflect on what makes us human - the good, the bad, the ugly, and the divine. I am always a work in progress. This has meant different things in different stages of my life. Right now, I’m on my way to becoming an international relations scholar, who has an affinity with classical realism, and a future practitioner of diplomacy, who wants to become involved in the field of conflict resolution and transformation. In the process, I would like to help improve the visibility of trans people in international politics.
Monika: You are in the middle of your gofundme campaign. Let’s promote it…
Sass: is my campaign to raise funds for my post-graduate studies. I was inspired by Oxford University students who have successfully utilised this platform to pay for their master’s.
In 2014, I graduated, magna cum laude, with a Combined Major in World Politics & Global Justice, minor in International Development at the international honours college of Leiden University, the oldest and most renowned university here in the Netherlands. This year, I got accepted into a selective 2-year MSc Programme in International Relations & Diplomacy, still by Leiden University. Unfortunately, the University allotted only one scholarship grant to this programme. 89 of us applied; I’m one of the unlucky 88. I can’t afford to pay the tuition fee myself, thus I’m reaching out to the world}, thus as a means of major epitomes in diplomacy where that a congruent to publicity of woman in a hind for senses of heroic acts. A reality of being a protagonist is a vision through conclusion of different facets of surge union. The 3rd PCGH is composed of 370 members (48 officers and 322 enlisted personnel), wherein 14 are female. They will fly to Golan Heights, Syria from the Diosdado Macapagal International Airport in Pampanga on Nov. 6 (1st serial) and Nov. 14 (2nd serial). Still as a secondary through the conclusion for alms by women in action preludes duplicacy of relations in a means of egalitarian role. A fact that usually imbibes diverse entirety through human condition is that of men and women in femininity and masculinity of options in essences of Eucharist for an aforementioned theorem which happens to be the occult of heroic acts and diplomacy in verge of egalitarian role. The route of different phenomena in a ridge through Science of incarcerating the Eucharist of denouement in avid dichotomy of equating a mediocrity pride; “the value of integrity” which is so calling to speak; Wherein the both analyses through correction of righteousness and being righteousness towards thwart of emancipating the acquiesce phenomenon of consensus through proper human relations. (In other words) forth the angst of invigorating the amalgam of strong personalities against too much perfection and pretentious attitude to be turned must be in concise liturgy in the presumptions of fidelity and the must haves of the society which is generally must not have to be effaced by candid misdemeanor. “Two roads diverge in a yellow wood, only one thing you must to choose as an option as a better claim”. According to the reconnaissance of the book of Paolo Coelho which threats the Alpha and Omega of a pervade in optimism of real conversed controversy through human approach which is rights of human allegation to correction of proper diplomacy.
{Two women have been sentenced to death and another to life imprisonment for trafficking of 10 heroin bricks and more than 200 methamphetamine pills.
On Monday, the Ha Noi People’s Court tried 32-year-old Do Thi Thu Huyen of Lang Son Province, 35-year-old Bui Thi Thu Thuy of Nam Dinh Province and 28-year-old Hoang Thi Nhu Chi of Lang Son, for drug trafficking.
According to prosecutors, at 2.30pm last Thursday, at the Yen Nghia gas station in Ha Dong District, Ha Noi, the police of Dan Phuong District in collaboration with the drug crime investigation department under the public security ministry searched the passengers of a coach going from Son La Province to Ha Noi. Passengers Bui Thi Thu Thuy and Hoang Thi Nhu Chi were found to be carrying drugs, including 10 bricks of heroin (each weighing about 0.3kg).
At the investigative agency, Thuy allegedly said due to difficult economic conditions, she had agreed to transport the drug from Hoa Binh Province to Lang Son Province for Do Thi Thu Huyen.
They were caught by the police at the Yen Nghia gas station.
Shortly after that, Do Thi Thu Huyen was remanded in custody.

At the conclusion of the trial, the Ha Noi People’s Court handed down death sentences to Do Thi Thu Huyen and Bui Thi Thu Thuy and sentenced Hoang Thi Nhu Chi to life imprisonment, all on the same count of drug trafficking.} Now on the limits of continuous reduction by thwarting aspect through consensus of diverse diplomacy could be usual entourage by senses of security. The limiting of security is enough to console the rate of Masculinity and Femininity with the worth of Gender Equality. The aspect of Luna as the moon who seeks with the verge of contagious disease that, could be treated in different auras of essences in the reality of connection and relationship forth the whims of generating the freed of duplicity in different terms of identity. Now on the inculcation of demands in such that; of the limiting security is usually at effacing the so called ideal Bureaucracy, a ridge that is consistencies of diverse demarche through the route of benevolence in the means of rights and a brighter way for calm of a so called security against the purge of so called solace through negotiation. The theorem and pattern of equating the contradiction to error and blind principles is of a sardonic analogous to the truth and the magic of ridiculing what is usually called whims of enlightenment. The futility of womanhood is usually in a barren aspect of a realistic phenomenon for different essences to the rouge of realistic contagious encipher of aesthetic bountiful splurge of consistencies. Such like of that era of transposing a greater calculation, to the thwart of a despondent effect of change. For a mere morbid phenomenon to oppose by illegal consistency of an unruly elopement of society to become a sense of progress around the mass, the environment, the public and the society, would be reconnaissance for senses of indigenous culture that must be depended in growth of human intellect. The society of truth and pattern of a guise through endearing of constabulary affirmation of proper essence in avoid of cheating ceremonies. Now in the consensus of different relations around; the myriad connection of people in demarche of a solitude in transverse of thief and malady; of purge to insurrection of fecundity to change of haste in bodily contact of security would be for denouement of parenthood that could be change that could be effective for the pilgrimage of women security and masculinity of freed.

{“In the Philippines, the best man is woman”- these were the words of Leonard Wood, the late Governor General of the Philippines during the Spanish era. The Filipina woman is a combination of grace and elegance, intelligence and practicality and most of all at these present times, she is the image of a working mother who is capable of managing what she does with her time to ensure that her family comes first before anything else.
Nevertheless, your humble writer also take cognizance of non-Filipina women who are equally as capable as the Filipina, and whose achievements speak well of their respective races. But since this writer grew up in the Philippines, she offers this article as a tribute to her fellow Filipina women.
Praises for the Filipino women during the Spanish era were no less than written by Spanish writers who talked on the Filipina’s industry and capabilities. Even the Philippine’s national hero, Dr. Jose Rizal,
praised the Filipina character in Maria Clara who was half-Spanish and half_Filipina. Maria Clara’s mother was a Filipina. In Rizal’s book, “Noli Me Tangere”, Rizal’s praises of his beloved Maria Clara’s were words showing in essence that he was proud of his Filipino heritage.
The first proof of Rizal’s pride for being a Filipino and having brave Filipina counterparts was clearly conveyed in his letter to the women of Malolos, Bulacan in February of 1889. The Philippine’s national hero was proud by the bravery of the Filipina women when they decided to take part in the fight for independence against foreign domination.
The Filipina woman has transformed herself from a mere homemaker to a working mother or an executive in the business district of Makati in the Philippines. She has proven to be an asset of the managerial world for she has multiple achievements in the corporate world as well as her remarkable successes in her personal and social lives too.} As a means such that of GAPIL in the genres of international law, the congruent heroism of Filipinas is effaced to beauties and freed of masculinity in the verge of merge by different patterns of behavior. Like the equation of analogous to the controversies, is the society to conclude of what women and men could have rather than family but instead a haste of continuous change and conviction of egalitarian role. The meaning of neutrality could become a hegemony in signs of infinity and undestructable change and death for theorems of amalgam of newer self against the behoove misdemeanor of the wicked bad.

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