domingo, 26 de enero de 2014

A Wondrous Emporium of my amazement :)

Sabi ko sa kanya tuloy kanina ang labo niyang kausap, Then I heinously bolstered of myself with this sort of diary wishing for demands toward many people. In the great expectancies of the Kenny Hermione she privatized everything like a conspiracy telling me that I'm for real MEDIOCRE writer. Not an ordinary sort to heave of the one we used to praise, many an individual tried difficultly to gain the heirarchy of having the blessings though archetypal, but I can blurt out that I'm just a basic in a sense of humility. It's a story of my real journey for what's much an opportunity with my group of company. In the hours of a good status, it's only an icing and a wisdom of karma and a genuine fortune of a real wealth and pleasure. Aside from everything uniqueness is more popular and everything I can say that had make denouments with what had to become weaker instance against the dark forces and the goats. In other activities they're flourshing so it's better to unleash the things which may be a result to a nothing means of hypocricy. Must be treated as what had it to be, in their own orders they're turning more miraculous in terms of a derogatory mentallity. Not really of an ailment in this society but maybe a destruction to what is called a virtue in a vital role. I wish I could be in her citadel sometime, and is in a heave of a synchronized emporium of real imaginary instinct of parallel diagram to reflect of the good visions and what is not called a worsening scenario in a cyclical means in the verge of reality. At least I never lost everything around but there's always an order what must gain the real respect, with the word enlightenment she had that sense of a vital casts of blurting  away in her mouth which hadn't be mystical but must be fantasi-realistical. In terms of what had to give respect and make study, then in my own synthesis the wisdom must be concocted with love. She used to teach everything to me like the romantic one who loves giving a pleasure of enlightenment and everything must be done in a victory. "I believe this is not yet the last hours of my intimacy with other individuals he had to make everything in effort in terms of destroying our opponents." The Lady conscience then muttered that made me feel more enhanced of how I give her an imaginative impact showing a good incantations of her own soul which I believe a real beauty in her sort. Everything, everywhere there's a study of aesthetics to rule in the madness of society. It's in my own discipline, it's always what's mediocre are always the best and with the efforts of what I had to fissure which is a byebye glimpse in this society. One day she maybe a good friend of mine, far away from what I had to ought with myself. In a status quo label, there were stoic looking enemies, enemies which seemed to be a NEGATIVE DEMEANOR in the world of what had to be fantacized and ecclairs with women. She's not a nuissance though seemed to be scary if I acknowledge but I believe it become a more revitalized issue in the popularity she had over this world, I must trash down the illusions of pessimism that venerated by most people and I'm oblige to serve her having the heirarchy of consequences to dillute the charms of the BAD THINKER ONES.

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