miércoles, 12 de marzo de 2014

The lies in difficult memories

Regarding things of everything that I can upheave in my life, I said everything is a no ordinary love story anymore because of unjust and fragile memory in my sort. Though it's latent and everything that should be a must have for my assure ties there where more pleasant things that I had to make things that can be a good memoir against poisonous charms and is not an intimacy factor in my life but though being in my part, still I decided to take everything for things which is a balowney sentiment in my sort. For a more surrealistic features that I must had to have in my life there were more capacities that I can say may benefit with me in reality wherein one hand there were more capable blessings that can never bereft of my strength and hopes together with the latent designs which is incorporated above the vyes of minarets and alcoves of a beautiful enlightenment. With things and harmony of womanhood and everything which is developmental in my emotions there were more capable realities which is well desired from rumors and madness of society. The quest of a synchronized and telling of myself which is so called taking care off to be though a mustn't have in this reality. Things which is bountiful in the catapults of destructive myriad madness of the deluge harmony in the mediocre reality, it's very difficult to be with people who had insulting jives of selfishness that emptier as feastive status run in my reality there where more delicate circumstance which is always in the route of a so called success though morbid in my circumstance. Everything seemed to be a madness especially when you'd become against the society or in the nature that deals with massive antihypocratic memories of things in feigned beauty that I had in my life. There were no more gifts anymore when everything might happen against me, everything would be nulled in the alleged capturing of things which is mine. Against the people of realistic happiness and things which is mine would never be perished and everything that I may never lost in my consequencial delusion against what a man really wants with me because I'm a torn and must become stronger with instances of a delinquent feature of what is a real indulgence that every people may love in their life. Because of a destructive effort by what a sympathetic charms must gone with me in reality with devaluating issues that can verify a stronger union of friendship and intimacy in the route of reality and real happiness. For more stronger karma there can be a diluting deplore of what is a prowl of success in my mentallity which loves to be destroyed by anyone or may never be accumulated anymore and only that can never be prevalent in my continuous journey.

PS: Everything which tends to be pale and flail must gone, things which incorporated with fragment consider revise can't be seen anymore.

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