jueves, 13 de marzo de 2014

Quien se manne

The ultimatum is always a void, the difficulty giver can't become arrogant in reality he never become an insult. But I can't understand why there's an insult, for a beautiful karma the reality is always hypocrite to show me things which is not bountiful in the mediocre status of reality, things which is a feigned comical tells myself that I everything is superlative though I was surrounded by pessimistic people and only perfect life can tell that I don't have any realizations in the name of assure ties. with the secluded insist of what is interralational and a bountiful pressumption with what that I shouldn't had to have in the visions of things that can be enthusiastic in a good memoirs. Everything seemed to be ravagous against things which mustn't be a denoument in the instances of procurements with the sort of issues in the name of blasphemy and harmony of society that I proceed to a bountiful context against the lies and everything which can be a good karma in sorting impacts of mind and emotions that only everything can deal with heirarchy, things which is a status quo in life and time of heirarchy and everything which is against the colors of society. What's beautful for them is much pessimistic in the many eyes of things that can't be seen, utilized thoughts and presumptions which is reverberated against me with the many sight of feigned of what is a metaphorical and sometimes ironical in my life procurements I can say, I can endear the most feastive virtuous in reality, if things can be ascertained with issues and heretical moments, karmas were more illusive that can be a massive destruction against the hidden agendas of sympathetic madness of society. Somehow, I'm still alive with the vendettas of reality and too much pessimistic negate of equation in the nth hours of my life. The visions enlightenment is much devouring though improvised still I always kept the bountiful fate of everything insiduous and against the conjuring moments of my life the mentallity is always quite stronger to destroy and only thing which is focused in what is greater not in the negativities of life. The frivolities and frailties of innocence can become destructive if one day become nefarious with derogatory remarks though superlative in things which is myriad and lucrative in materialistic orders. I can be ecclecltical usually with derivative efforts and can be an incline, in  other word everything can be in freedom once a trial had been surpassed against the cruelty of a stagnant stability of stoic charms. What's more myriad is still loquacious in the site of many surrealistic things, I can say I can be meteorical and development when it comes to stabilizing a more complex definitive things and my part must be in a hive of deluxe treasures which everything for the society. Sometimes you may say, deplorative things where emmancipated with harmony must be a good instinct and should be derailed away.

So my life continues to become a good karma...

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