domingo, 23 de marzo de 2014

Ng dahil sa Sipon...

 It's being woman :)
En  el fiebre soy una di alguien con Enlightenment Editoria... Then one day I told another story with the golden knight that I made somebody in success in terms of my owned work above enlightenment. With priorities of having white lies to help somebody I recieve lot's of familiarities of encountering realities of fantasies though not having prizes in my life. The so called belief is all a view of a help with her, the many times of interlude with popularity and brive of belief with the one day expectancies of development and files of cases that I'm interfacing in terms of diplomacy at least I've gained what is a renowned heirarchy and mustn't dillute the truth above superlative and innovation if karma may come. With the views that I aided with the mediocre status in reality I can say what's more ecclectical where strictly aloofed in the name of the alleged Enlightenment Editoria Knight in the many cases of verdicts in terms of travel. I superceded with lots of reprimands that can't abide with this so called slaughter house as what it was said with the glories of heretical and a must to be harvested with the values and virtues of visions that can easily be tormented to be a procurement of ownership in many terms of situations and balowney accusations that I mustn't had to have in my memoirs. At least I gained of everything which is called a perfection with my life sentiments against the sacrileges and things which is viral in different envoys of reality. The stronger you percieve the more you encounter of things which can make a good synthesis in the worth of society as a queen of splurge and all of the academics at school. These hour I've made lot's of rendevouz with the most popular volleyball player internationally speaking, the wise american actress, the international model and the wife of an owner of a popular Protocol Connection Company. Then we've muttered millions of deviance and stories that may up heave of what is more scenic in the views though lots of enviousness tried endearing a truth in terms of negotiation and anti-flavor destructor. I believe it's a no no counter attacks to make of a contract upheaving mentallity with the so called evil that never lasts in the environment. I believe I'm in the ricocheted deluxe that can't be a detour in reality. Then I happily continued muttering with the so called Enlightenment Editoria Knight that I happily never affraid though there were lots of detour with me in terms of intimacy and voyage as a one day writer with my latent duple securities.

Kumukulong bawang na hinaluan ng harina't asin :) When the enlightnemnent Editoria Knight muttered to make controls of liturgic anarchy against the views that I may had to have in reality. Everything seemed to be scary with this fiefdom to make karmas of detour and never make compare of low class status though I'm living in a not frantic life.

Thanks Enlightenment Editoria Knight :)
Then I told her at least both of us never cried dahil wala namang reasons para sa lahat then that's success of simplicity... :)

Then I replied: Eh biglang nagdatingan... Kumusta naman Enlightenment Editoria Knight sarado na tindahan namin ng Ilonggo kong bestfriend.

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