viernes, 28 de marzo de 2014

Then I told Enlightenment Editoria Knight...

                                                           Sana Ganyan siya ____________

It's a matter of confidence and is not always a means of crying but a strength of a woman my dear enlightenment. Then I continued murmuring with her that hours, there's no personal in touch to fidget our wills against the sacrilege of heretic people, these past hours I'd experience another (panggigipit). If you acknowledge of me being a (Cinderella story) like lifestyle. Being Sam is difficult having creeds for onlooking of what's bountiful in society, I still can't make denouements with the be my master be my clan so called human entity in the midst of his popularity. There's lot of people of imitating demeanor either shape shifting like routes of a considering shivers in the cold personality of yours. On my part I had to be aware of originalities and truth that you had in stoic sentiments that mostly I had against visions of death and verdict, on my part I had to be opinionated of everyday stories occurring mostly with people around. There's latent and obscure people as I was having rendevouz with her, these hours lots of occults may assault my ingenuity towards treasures and wealth of enlightenment to be procurements in the so called null and void apostasies of people. (Be my master, be my clan) I called whilst there where loud bangs of shouts in that many of the Spanish people told me to give a respect nor diminutive sensations in the hours of achieving beautiful messages. Quite good consensus if many people may create a hand of help dear Enlightenment Editoria against the massive destruction that may be devaluate against me. Still I can't figure out how you may bring everything in my palms of fantasy, notwithstanding with brives of culture and ascertaining how mentality may be a good context in envisioning wisdom into a truth. Shall I say books and cleverness may be a anti-repudiative with karmas and virtues to a real life situation and bountiful eclairs of entering enlightenment and above wisdom especially with the so-called people whom I consider my colleagues to put me in security. Oh... almost a shock of tremendous bad luck my dear Enlightenment Editoria Knight to be imbibe with mystery, but one day a Seo may achieve of everything which is a good mentality. "He's really a must have in society, but the question is... is that he a colorful entity to be loved by many individual." Then I whispered myself, Seo will always be a matter of confidence to a bountiful couture, one time another karma of a fourth horse concocted me that we all have our own beliefs to conjure an improvised faith. Supposedly its a better idea whilst I'm thinking of an honored self of mine to most accuracy of a bountiful detour. Then I avidly made catapults of continuous smile at her whilst there were the paparazzis around searching for insensible securities with their lives, life is simple as I was being eclectic of a beautiful message. Well as for me if there's something that I had to tell with fine dining and exquisite visits, there's always a realistic brives to how a plant may grow beautifully like a message from a latent honour. There's always a fidgeting karma to circulate with the so called hierarchy and continuous establishment of a real fiefdom with pretentious hierarchy because of a silent despair they experienced against the madness of society. "So what can you implore now, that situation turns difficult." Then I added a hint, karmas were always a scent to be a procurement of beauty and aesthetics and can be against the temptations of poisonous charms, especially of against the people who bribe themselves as mentality of goodness though not, why should we get shameful with them?" That hours Editoria Knight never show off herself nor become invigorating with the many yawns of people. Hereafter I ask myself, is there any visions to counteract against the darkness and the lies.

"At least the showbiz give the feastive issues around the heirarchy, they tend to be good actresses and virile of bountiful terms." Though everything seemed to be a detriment with many socialites and things which is satirical in my sight, but though being I really hate the darkness and lies or shall I say the White Zombies and the Goats. Which is quite everything a rebuke and torment in the favors of the evil that usually lurk deep inside the mentalities of innocent people. For me she's really a great epitome of an  enlightenment  in the surrealistic realm of many people and normal individual in the figurative aspect of sexuality and everything which is ethereal in many incites of deterring images and esques of humanhood. She never implored nor added a message with whilst we're on a hand of delinquent and popularity that may be a good situation from most assure ties. I believe there's always  severity to things which is a vapor to encipher the myriad eclairs of culture and reality. In terms of propagating kinship and reality it's a real deviance in that only an nth hour to proliferate the hideous obstacle underlying the murmurs of anguishness and enviousness. The real momentum of my nth hours is always relied upon with be my master and be my clan for an eclair of conformities. She then muttered as I'm thinking of how wisdom may be a good outcome to be a destruction against feigned culture. She loves walking as always when I tried perceiving and making scrutinies in the meaning of reality and enlightenment, because of chatters and laughter she is an epitome to feminism but a massive destruction to stubborn either a negate people or the ones who's creating great suffering for senseless meanings. Because of things that can be materialized there's always a union and consensus to most melancholy in this entire International Community that may be result to a beautiful anarchy. Like a story a father and daughter mentality at least I've told a story that I'd helped someone who needs success with herself, on one hand I create another means or reasonable faction of answers that can become an eclair to the difficulty giver. Still he never compare to anyone who have guts for their own protuberance but to dislodge any society which is supposedly not theirs. another grateful thanks with Enlightenment Editoria Knight this mid-12 AM I experience her knowledge not yet her happiness but she's still always a beauty of norms in a deviant society. If things would be in ruly nature everyone, every hatred would succumb away, every pain and sorrow which is a not in lives not only mine but with hundred millions of people to be freed against the wanting belief of the sutures of lots of malefescent people. She then never argued but told herself remain silent the hours running in my situation to be imbibe of a bountiful airy envoys of attaches. Quite difficult and is a procurement to lots of frantic and considering issues in the lives of people. Things which is in a great black market then it's only in her incites to put me in a vital Diplomacy and enervating epitomes of ecclairs and equity. Then before she'd gone, far away from me... She ask me, "Cuando enquentres de respuestas?" Then I prompted. "Kasi ayoko maassociate sa mga taong katulad nila kaya naging old maid na lang ako't naging masaya pa."

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