miércoles, 19 de marzo de 2014

Unsurable Ramman

Be my master, be my clan and become one and only in this continuous route that I'm really unsure. With the things that only the difficulty giver can make you're the only one who may give of a beautiful faction though still questionable in the sight of the frailty of the society. Everything seemed to be difficult to make interlude of a bountiful ecclair being a writer. Still I can't say of what is true but the difficulty giver always tells nothing, somehow I'm still alive of the madness of society that I'm really even don't know of how everything would make encompassed with me. I stand here waiting for you to bang the gong
To crash the critic saying, "Is it right or is it wrong?"
If only fame had an I.V., baby could I bear
Being away from you, I found the vein, put it in here
He teased me again because of the too much critics that I am bearing with wealthy people who only knows how to mouthwash though without giving anything. Still I put everything in treasure and always in truth, against the massive delusions of society let's go back to my new maste (Be my master a.k.a). So how would you define this picture?
On the next route is another picture to be consider...
It's quite liturgic and and difficult for the (Be my master) a.k.a in that, I tend to make an angst because of the phenomena. Uneasy as it is but with my assure ties I can say he's much latent to show he's hidden agenda amongst the mass, (which is which) much of everything that I can said isn't truthful.  I may never consider everything because things turned tighter as issues where running faster and cases become heavier, at least I found out some latent ecclecticals which is quite unheretical against the madness of society. Lot's of betrayals follow my route so in my part I had to be aware of a humungous anarchy above enlightenment which is quite fruitful, without any catastrophic reality things may become a knowledge and wisdom can be stoic in my part and I haven't become much diplomatical in terms of propagandas in karma and virtuous.

Now this one:
He always had a notion of things regarding life procrastination but still I'm not into him though he becomes my (Bee my master). In the route of what is hypothetical and enervating results I believe he's much cultural and catastrophic regarding issues of what is called lie against the angst of dread.

See you again soon... This is a real unsurable ramman since though everything seemed to be ethereal, blasphemy is airy that's why I had to be wary to help more people though I'm in crisis.

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