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Then I told Enlightenment Editoria Knight...

                                                           Sana Ganyan siya ____________

It's a matter of confidence and is not always a means of crying but a strength of a woman my dear enlightenment. Then I continued murmuring with her that hours, there's no personal in touch to fidget our wills against the sacrilege of heretic people, these past hours I'd experience another (panggigipit). If you acknowledge of me being a (Cinderella story) like lifestyle. Being Sam is difficult having creeds for onlooking of what's bountiful in society, I still can't make denouements with the be my master be my clan so called human entity in the midst of his popularity. There's lot of people of imitating demeanor either shape shifting like routes of a considering shivers in the cold personality of yours. On my part I had to be aware of originalities and truth that you had in stoic sentiments that mostly I had against visions of death and verdict, on my part I had to be opinionated of everyday stories occurring mostly with people around. There's latent and obscure people as I was having rendevouz with her, these hours lots of occults may assault my ingenuity towards treasures and wealth of enlightenment to be procurements in the so called null and void apostasies of people. (Be my master, be my clan) I called whilst there where loud bangs of shouts in that many of the Spanish people told me to give a respect nor diminutive sensations in the hours of achieving beautiful messages. Quite good consensus if many people may create a hand of help dear Enlightenment Editoria against the massive destruction that may be devaluate against me. Still I can't figure out how you may bring everything in my palms of fantasy, notwithstanding with brives of culture and ascertaining how mentality may be a good context in envisioning wisdom into a truth. Shall I say books and cleverness may be a anti-repudiative with karmas and virtues to a real life situation and bountiful eclairs of entering enlightenment and above wisdom especially with the so-called people whom I consider my colleagues to put me in security. Oh... almost a shock of tremendous bad luck my dear Enlightenment Editoria Knight to be imbibe with mystery, but one day a Seo may achieve of everything which is a good mentality. "He's really a must have in society, but the question is... is that he a colorful entity to be loved by many individual." Then I whispered myself, Seo will always be a matter of confidence to a bountiful couture, one time another karma of a fourth horse concocted me that we all have our own beliefs to conjure an improvised faith. Supposedly its a better idea whilst I'm thinking of an honored self of mine to most accuracy of a bountiful detour. Then I avidly made catapults of continuous smile at her whilst there were the paparazzis around searching for insensible securities with their lives, life is simple as I was being eclectic of a beautiful message. Well as for me if there's something that I had to tell with fine dining and exquisite visits, there's always a realistic brives to how a plant may grow beautifully like a message from a latent honour. There's always a fidgeting karma to circulate with the so called hierarchy and continuous establishment of a real fiefdom with pretentious hierarchy because of a silent despair they experienced against the madness of society. "So what can you implore now, that situation turns difficult." Then I added a hint, karmas were always a scent to be a procurement of beauty and aesthetics and can be against the temptations of poisonous charms, especially of against the people who bribe themselves as mentality of goodness though not, why should we get shameful with them?" That hours Editoria Knight never show off herself nor become invigorating with the many yawns of people. Hereafter I ask myself, is there any visions to counteract against the darkness and the lies.

"At least the showbiz give the feastive issues around the heirarchy, they tend to be good actresses and virile of bountiful terms." Though everything seemed to be a detriment with many socialites and things which is satirical in my sight, but though being I really hate the darkness and lies or shall I say the White Zombies and the Goats. Which is quite everything a rebuke and torment in the favors of the evil that usually lurk deep inside the mentalities of innocent people. For me she's really a great epitome of an  enlightenment  in the surrealistic realm of many people and normal individual in the figurative aspect of sexuality and everything which is ethereal in many incites of deterring images and esques of humanhood. She never implored nor added a message with whilst we're on a hand of delinquent and popularity that may be a good situation from most assure ties. I believe there's always  severity to things which is a vapor to encipher the myriad eclairs of culture and reality. In terms of propagating kinship and reality it's a real deviance in that only an nth hour to proliferate the hideous obstacle underlying the murmurs of anguishness and enviousness. The real momentum of my nth hours is always relied upon with be my master and be my clan for an eclair of conformities. She then muttered as I'm thinking of how wisdom may be a good outcome to be a destruction against feigned culture. She loves walking as always when I tried perceiving and making scrutinies in the meaning of reality and enlightenment, because of chatters and laughter she is an epitome to feminism but a massive destruction to stubborn either a negate people or the ones who's creating great suffering for senseless meanings. Because of things that can be materialized there's always a union and consensus to most melancholy in this entire International Community that may be result to a beautiful anarchy. Like a story a father and daughter mentality at least I've told a story that I'd helped someone who needs success with herself, on one hand I create another means or reasonable faction of answers that can become an eclair to the difficulty giver. Still he never compare to anyone who have guts for their own protuberance but to dislodge any society which is supposedly not theirs. another grateful thanks with Enlightenment Editoria Knight this mid-12 AM I experience her knowledge not yet her happiness but she's still always a beauty of norms in a deviant society. If things would be in ruly nature everyone, every hatred would succumb away, every pain and sorrow which is a not in lives not only mine but with hundred millions of people to be freed against the wanting belief of the sutures of lots of malefescent people. She then never argued but told herself remain silent the hours running in my situation to be imbibe of a bountiful airy envoys of attaches. Quite difficult and is a procurement to lots of frantic and considering issues in the lives of people. Things which is in a great black market then it's only in her incites to put me in a vital Diplomacy and enervating epitomes of ecclairs and equity. Then before she'd gone, far away from me... She ask me, "Cuando enquentres de respuestas?" Then I prompted. "Kasi ayoko maassociate sa mga taong katulad nila kaya naging old maid na lang ako't naging masaya pa."

Lady of the Night

"She's so beautiful" as the Biology major student of Unviversity of Nevada school of medicine utters idealistically in the middle of the night having a manly husky voice. Meanwile a Spanish-Filipino guy bloated in the way as he had summoned  his friend at the parking lot to ride on the car. "Kenneth!!! stop thinking there of your romantic illusions!!! Please... Ride on the car!!! Dios mio... Mama y papa obteneran enojado a me!!!" Then the Biology major student after stunned to the beautiful woman who walks along the way, had startled with the shout of his Spanish-Filipino friend. "Ok... Alright!!! The Flash is comming!!!" Kenneth stand up on his sit and walk near the car while looking at the beautiful woman. As he had entered the car, the Spanish Filipino guy argued with the Biology student, "Kenneth your going to put me in danger in disgrace," then the Spanish-Filipino guy scratched his head and tan colored skin seemingly he had loosed his hope for his parents might scold him again and not allow him to use his car anymore. "Me amigo, Don't worry Norvyno or Novie for short, Mr. Santos know's me very much and I know they will surpass your long acting dramas just like Romeo who died for Juliet hehehehehe." "Damn!!! its late 9:30 don't change the topic, I'm sweating look what you've done amigo!!! I'm going to drive the car quickly. Mama and papa is waiting for me at home and I'm the only one whom they are waiting for!!!" Novie speaks as if his hard tongue difficultly pronounced the words getting out of his mouth. "O c'mon Novie my dear friend your a great actor just do what I've said remember?" Kenneth was talking but Novie shouted in a daunted manner, "De Acuerdo!!!! But never do this again."
After the unforgettable night the collegues went to school but the disdainful news is that (there's no car anymore.) Going inside the classroom Norvyno vengefully hit Kenneth's nape, "on the fifth time I've entered this situation your Mr. and Mrs. Santos perdone no me nunca mas," Novie murmured to Kenneth with furiousity but still his hard tongue difficultly pronounced every words getting out of his mouth. "Maybe you didn't follow what I've said?" Kenneth uttered apologetically but Novie stop talking when their professor walk inside the classroom. The professor walks gracefully inside the classroom carrying a big backpack, his brown checkered 3/4 sleeved polo fit's his slim body but he used to fold his sleeve upward so that it would look fashionable in the sense that every people would look at him like a model. He wears fitted black jeans and white topsiders, sometimes he uses big hand bag but most of the time a big back pack. His big rounded eyes and dark eyebrows together with his fair white complexion made him look like undaunted and a man who has full of secrets. He has small pointed nose and pouted lips that he used to turn around and chant's uhum uhum then simply clears his throat before he talk. The professor entered the room walking in a graceful manner, "uhum uhum... So I will be your professor in Psychology 101 preferably known as General Psychology before everything starts I'm Mr. Vincent Irony Cose, just call me Sr. Cose to keep things easier. So any question? uttered the serious professor. No one talked inside the class room so Mr. Cose put a slight discussion about himself then dismissed the class since it's the first time that they've met.
Mr. Cose then, get out of the classroom quietly while Kenneth run after him seemingly that he wants to tell something. Upon reaching Mr. Cose at the Faculty, Kenneth shouted... "Mr. Cose!!!" Then the professor leaned back causing him to drop his big hand bag. When the two reach each other, Kenneth started to talk, " Mr. Cose we have a simple dinner tonight at home, do you wanna' come? Kenneth talk with hesitation as he turned his eyes around and pressed his lips together. "Uhum uhum... I'm sorry Mr. Crowville I can't attend your delightful meal, but if you want, I have my sister to join you. Uhum uhum..." Then Mr. Cose suddenly picked his bag again then fix his collar with his hands. "Ok, Mr. Cose, but would you mind me if you could give the name of your sister? And by the way is she older than you?" Kenneth interogated. "She's Josephine Vira Cose, just call her Vira, she's 1 year younger than me but she can only go outside at night since she had skin ailments, so... try to cope up with her. By the way where can she find your address?" Mr. Cose replied. "Uhhhmmm... Sir, our house  locates at 8557, Summerridge Drive," then Kenneth scratch his back after talking. "Ok I'll tell her later just give me your number so that I can keep in touch," Mr. Cose lower his voice as he uttered, then Kenneth give his calling card to Mr. Cose, in a hesitant manner ,Kenneth becomes shy to talk to the Psyche Professor. Mr. Cose get the calling card, and read it in front of Kenneth,"+1 702 432 25 74, uhum... Vira will enjoy your company I assure you." "Thanks sir, I'm expecting your sister to be there," Then Kenneth blow his mouth in a way it is close enlarging his cheeks after talking generously. After the conversation the two departed their ways that afternoon.
One night at Kenneth's house Mrs. Crowville prepared the dishes on their dining table, the fresh Philippine cuisine was stooped on the table while Kenneth on his side is waiting for Ms. Vira and Novie. Kenneth's White complexion, big jaws, small brown eyes and pointed nose together with his brown blonde hair was inherited from his parents. Waiting along the living room in a confused manner made him walk around and watch the clock. He wears a  navy blue colored V-neck slim fitted long sleeve sweater with buttons. To make it more intrinsic he wore Green and White stripe polo inside together with belt and slim fitted cocky and white sneakers. Waiting on the visitors made him obnoxious since the visitors were not yet coming. But there's one thing that he's thinking, "what does she looks like? Do I have to admire her? Who's Ms. Vira?" After thinking the buzzer rings, Kenneth in a hurried manner run on the window to check who's outside their house. "Is it Vira?" Ask himself, then look at the window. Disappointedly he saw Novie outside their house together with his girlfriend. He opened the door with his face conspicuously deemed with furiousity. "Your such a disgrace!!!! I'm waiting for Ms. Vira!!!" Kennneth shouted. "Me amigo, don't ya' worry she'll arrive just pray and God will give you the answer." Then Novie act's cowardly as if he can't fight Kenneth. "Come inside" Kenneth speaks slightly. Inside the house the three went at the dining table since the dinner is ready but Kenneth on the other hand is still confused while turning his head left and right. Mrs. Crowville get outside the kitchen holding a big pot and put it in the dining table. "Mrs. Crowville what's that? It seems so weird and quite nasty." Then Novie touch the pot without asking for permission. "Uhhh!!! Caliente!!!!!!!!!! Whooohh!!!," in a very disparate manner Novie shake his fingers in the air. "My dear son!!! I forgot to tell you this is yet to be cold" Mrs. Crowville's soprano voice made Mr. Crowville to walk downstairs wearing blue long sleeved polo, cocky and brown shoes. "I'm just watching the the TV when I heard somebody screaming, it made me panick, what happened?" "Dad, Novie's painfully burned," Mrs. Crowville reacted exagerately then hold Novie's fingers and blow it. "Your like a son to me since your 11 years old." "Mrs. Crowville I'm ok, stop touching my hands" Novie's tongue was shown out of his mouth while talking not only because he can't talk naturally but also because of his swollen hands. Meanwhile the buzzer ring again, Kenneth scratch his head seemingly that he was infuriated. "Mom I'm sure this is new visitor again, errrr..." As Kenneth open the door slightly, a beautiful woman waits outside their house wearing red floral dress and red wedge shoes. She has Mexican haircut, dark eyebrows, rounded eyes, long eyelashes, small nose, rosy lips and white complexion. "I'm Vira..." After a long pause with a serious remark the woman continued to talk, "Goodevening" her voice sounds as if she doesn't care anyone giving the people in the house the idea that she's cold. Kenneth on the other hand can't say anything but, "Uh... Uhm, Well... Ehemm" then whispered himself  "She's the beautiiful woman I'd saw at the parking lot, Jesus Christ... This means she's Mr. Cose's younger sister." "Excuse me, Hello..." The woman talk's sarcastically, "Ohh... Ok, Uhhh... Ehem..." Then Kenneth Crowville was stunned again after his confusing reactions with the woman. "Are you going to let me passed your way?" The woman again continued to talk. "SHshshshsure!!! Please come in Ms. Vira, the table is waiting for you." Then the woman entered inside like nothing's happen. "What happened with your friend?" the woman reacted but still in a careless feeling. As Mrs. Crowville medicate Novie's wounded finger, she noticed the beautiful woman in front of her and talk with amazement. "What a beloved daughter!!! Is she your intimate partner my dear son?" "Mom no..." Then Kenneth whispered, "this is the hundredth time that mom will put me to shame again with my friends." After murmuring Kenneth Crowville continued begging his mom, "mom she's a new friend of mine... Not mine but us, she's Mr. Cose's younger sister." "Oh, I see!!! I thought she's your intimate partner?" Mrs. Crowville again talk's with her soprano voice seemingly Kenneth will got embarassed again. "Mom please... Your putting me to shame again, she's my visitor and this is the first time that we've met." Kenneth whispered to Mrs. Crowville, "Oh son, learn how to used with my playful attitude I'm your mom," Mrs. Crowville added with curling voice, then called the visitors. "Anyway dinner is ready, come and sit little children," "Mrs. Crowville treats us like children again, and I'm used with it." Novie reacted while looking at his girlfriend, Kenneth and Ms. Vira. "So... What are we waiting for? Philippines is ready." Then Kenneth walk closely at the table checking the dish they have to eat, then the other's followed.
"This is the first time that I've met this young lady, what's her name?" Mrs. Crowville's curling voice repeated continuously as she talks in front of the visitors. "I'm Josephine Vira Cose, just call me Vira. What's in that pot?" The beautiful woman reacted. "Its called Nilaga in Philippines, it is a brewed beef mixed with cobbage and potatoes, to make it more delicious it was added with broth cubes, salt and pepper." Mrs. Crowville introduced the dish while smiling at the teenagers while Mr. Crowville on the other hand quietly eats his food. " "I love your name, it means hero in Hindu, want some more beautiful lady?" Then Mrs. Crowville lend the plate of Philippine barbecue to Vira without paying attention on Novie's girlfriend.  "By the way this is my girlfriend Megan, she's studying at..." Novie's talking but Mrs. Crowville chatter's in a praising manner. "Your so beautiful, what sort of family race do you have?" Novie stunned but Mrs. Crowville continued talking without noticing the Spanish-Filipino guy and his girlfriend while Ms. Vira on the other hand doesn't care anyone but answer Mrs. Crowville's questions. "I have a very rare kind of... Race, my father was Italian-Arabian and my mom was Black-American that's why I look like this, do I look like a clown engraved with full of make-up?" "No, no, no, my dear Vira your just being exagerated your elegantly beautiful," Mrs. Crowville convinced the beautiful woman while Novie continued uttering. "Anyway Mrs. Crowville, Megan love's eating burgers and..." But Mrs. Crowville continued talking in a way she teases the Spanish Filipino student of Nevada University. "Anyway Ms. Vira, how about in love life, do you have any existing relationships as of now?" "Madame I don't have any love life and I never used to go outside especially during morning." Ms. Vira uttered seriously while smiling at Novie seemingly that she's nearly going to laugh since the guy can't share his thoughts anymore with the family. "Well Mrs. Crowville, Megan prefer's to listen romantic music just like..." Novie talk's but Mrs. Crowville again buffers, "Oh... My handsome son Kenneth what about you? Your not talking there why not entertain your beautiful intimate partner?" Mrs. Crowville's soprano voice made Kenneth more hesitant and confused with Ms. Vira then whispered his mother. "Mom your giving me another difficult situation I can't talk anymore, kindly please lessen your untactful attitude your putting me to shame. "Ahhh... Ms. Vira, can we go out for a while? Maybe the dinner is finished?" Kenneth had chattered with hesitation then Vira look seriously then smiled at Kenneth. "Any stuffs outside your home?" The lady asked. "I'm just asking you for a little pleasure outside, would you allow me if I invite you?" Kenneth ask the lady with gentleness. "Oh sure, if your insisting then I'll go." After talking Ms. Vira stand up and fix herself while Mrs. Crowville fix the table and wash the dishes. Kenneth on the otherhand walk closely to Vira then wave his hands in the air inviting the lady to put her one hand with his hands then get outside.
Outside the house the two walk along the streets of Summeridge, while strolling around, Ms. Vira put her right arm with Kenneth's  left arm in an abrasiete style. Kenneth was confused more as he look at the woman especially that Ms. Vira puted her arm with his arm. But the guy acted coolly though it finds him hard acting like a real tough man, then turn his head left and right and whistle. Meanwhile a small plastic bottle drops in Ms. Vira's bag, "What's that? Something drops in your bag?" Kenneth uttered while picking the plastic bottle. "Whoah!!!! Don't touch it that's mine!!!" Ms. Vira stole her bottle to Kenneth. "It say's here Anti-..." While Kenneth reads the bottle Ms. Vira madly stole it from the guy. "Give it back to me!!!!" Then Ms. Vira strungled Kenneth. "Ok... ok... Here it is, then Kenneth gave the bottle back to the beautiful mysterious lady... "You should have to know that what made me angry most is stealing what belongs to me." Ms. Vira after talking sarcastically, put the bottle inside her bag. "Sorry..." Kenneth apoligized, then Ms. Vira nodded. "Are you still studying?" Kenneth asks Ms. Vira. "I stopped studying and I use to stay alone at home during day time, sometimes I go out if I want to amuse myself but the doctor adviced me not to go out at morning since I have skin ailments," then vira continued talking while nodding her head making a childish face, "but I do bar hopping." Ms. Vira talks seriously while her heart still pumps and breathes hardly  after her mad attacked at the guy. "Seems creepy but I have to understand though it sounds freaky. This is the first time that I heard that kind of... What you call it? Skin disease... or sunlight chemical reaction ailment that made you stay alone at home during day time, huh?" Ms. Vira nodded again giving Kenneth a high remark with the lad's smart comment. "So your studying Biology major in Nevada Universtiy school of medicine that's why you know my disease?" Ms. Vira asked the lad. "Yep, exactly just like I give you a million answer." Kenneth proudly boast himself in front of the beautiful lady then Ms. Vira's eyes rounded as if she's playing hard to get with the guy's impromptu. "Your acting so childish, is that your way of flirting with me?" "Not so, but I thought its a very good manner to tell that your confident of telling what you want to tell", Kenneth added. "Anyway I go bar hopping at night, wanna come with me sometimes?" Ms. Vira smiled elegantly after talking then wave her hair. The two spend the night strolling along the road until they got home. "By the way it's already 12 midnight maybe your brother's looking for you right now, do you want me to fetch you?" Kenneth give a simultaneous invitation. "No need I have a car, my brother lend me his lady," Ms. Vira continued. "Lady what?" Kenneth asked Ms. Vira, "here, meet his very own 1956 Jaguar XK-140. Did my brother told you everything about his lady? It was his inherit property from our parents since I'm 13 years of age and my brother was 14." "Cool!!!! So if I'm going with you for bar hopping are we going to ride with your lady" Kenneth can't say anything but to clear his throat and made an amazing glare at the car. "Sure you may, by the way its past 12, am I going home?" Ms. Vira commented contently. "Right... Thanks for allowing me and its past 12, morning might came and maybe your skin allergies might attack again," Kenneth added. Heheheheheheh... After a sudden laugh Ms. Vira kissed the guy at the cheeks immediatley then flaunt her hair in the air and ride on the car to go home, Kenneth was ridiculed seeing the beautiful lady as he was simply tapped by Novie at the back. "Hermano, that's what we called love at first sight!!!" Novie with active body give a slight jape with Kenneth as he talked coolly. "Amigo, I thought I'm inloved? can you strike my heart with this knife?" After Kenneth's question the two wrestled in front of the house as they enter inside while the moonlight night is watching over them until the end of the midnight.
Morning came after the tiring night dinner, the sun smiles with the people who works for their own, busy person who hurriedly fixing themselves at work and students who's going back to school for their important studies, researches and reports. Nevada University school of Medicine opens again and tons of students walk along the different corners of the school. Kenneth and Novie now walk inside the classroom for their Psychology 101. "Amigo, that night is a real night and that girl totally blew up my mind. She's the girl that I'm looking for, she's awesome," Kenneth uttered while dreaming and eyes seems to be sleeping heavenly. "Amigo, tu como suenos, stop dreaming of that girl and I feel not comfortbale with her, she's weirdo," Novie justified Kenneth's feelings for Ms. Vira. "You know what? You're a very underestimating person, can you please stop undermining me?" Kenneth continued while complaining. "Ok... ok, you win, Novie prompted. After the slight conversation, the Psyche professor was seen outside walking nearly through the classroom. "And look who's there? Coabangga... My brother-in-law to be," Kenneth whispered Norvyno. "Here come's again, el sueno nino!!!!" Novie reacted as  his hand gestures speaks with himself. "Right class, today I wanna show you a picture," after talking Mr. Cose showed the picture on the class. "How do you understand this picture?" Mr. Cose asked. "Its a picture of nine dots in a square form" said one of the students. "Anybody can connect all these dots in one way without moving your hand?" Mr. Cose then switch the picture to his other hand since he felt the numbness of his right arm. The students then tried one by one but no one can get the right answer until Novie and Kenneth were the last students who sit on the last row seemingly that they don't know anything. "So let's see if who of these last two guys can get the answer" Mr Cose continued. Then the two guys squil each other, until Mr. Cose called Norvyno. Novie's heart palpitated and felt nervous but his annoyance with Kenneth made him increased his tolerance upon answering the dots at the board. While putting down the dots on the board, his eyes sarcastically glared evil at Kenneth. Then he watch the dots and carefully think until made the final answer, "Oh... At last la respuesta!! I've got it!!! then Novie simply connect the dots together. "Very Good Mr. Santos, I'll give you some extra points for recitation, and by the way how do I owe you as a token of gratitude?" " Mr. Cose replied. Novie then walk back to his sit seemingly that he teases Kenneth and proudly smiled at Mr. Cose while the other students greet him wisely. While turning back to his sit, Novie astound of Mr. Cose's generous invitation. "What? Sir, are you serious? You wanna owe me?" Novie wondered while talking. "Sure I owe if you want, but only possible things that I can give," Mr. Cose added. "Ok," then Novie walk upon the professor and talked. "Sir, can I go with your sister at the bar tonight?" "If that can make you feel better then I will," Mr. Cose reacted as he smiled at the guy. Then Novie turn back to his sit, "So, you give me the idea to beat you amigo, huh-huh-huh-huh..." Novie teased Kenneth again. "Fine, you win, you got the answer and your going out with Ms. Vira tonight," Kenneth prompted with furiousity.
After the class Norvyno walk out of the classroom teasing Kenneth Crowville, "Para, Yo voy celebrar me cumpleanos esta noche me amigo, Hahahahaahahahahahah!!!." "That's why your laughing at me..." Kenneth made a sudden pause giving a pitiful silent reaction with Novie. "I can see it through your eyes, your crying me amo amigo," Novie's words seems that he's teasing Kenneth. "You win my sentimental Spanish friend," Then Kenneth madly strike his book to Novie. "Ouch!!! I'm just joking why did you do that?!" Novie's voice seems like funny that his laugh wants to blurt out in his mouth. "Stay calm, my friend, maybe you can come out with me tonight?" Then Novie prompted. "Sure?" Kenneth argued, C'mon amigo no one's forcing you not to go with me, and maybe I can also switch myself for you so that you and Ms. Vira will have privacy." Novie's suggestions made Kenneth's eyes nearly going to smile with tears watering in it because of joys. "Are you sure your going to do that for me?" Kenneth talks pleasingly. "Su me amigo, your my friend, how can I insist myself not to forgive you," Novie answered. "You made me feliz you made me feliz... I'm glad amigo, my dearest amigo, so how can I owe you? Kenneth added happily. "Maybe I'll just follow you just like an eye spy on your way? So I'll take it as an owe," Novie continued while going out for break.
Going bar at night after classes, Kenneth prepared himself wearing a very different attire to make himself look comfortable for Ms. Vira will come. As the moon rises Ms. Vira fetch the teenager in his house, but in a sudden minute Norvyno came before Ms.Vira knocking at the door through  the use of a buzzer. Kenneth then, hurriedly run downstairs to open the door knowing that what he waits for outside their house is Ms. Vira but sadly... "Amigo I'm already done do I look so cool?" Novie appeared giving Kenneth a serious shocked. "Your so ridiculous!!! I thought you're Ms. Vira? Kenneth in a an upsetting manner talks sadly. "Acostarse amigo, I'll be your eye spy on your way," Novie reacted making hand gestures being expressive on his way of talking. "Ok, ok, you can, but no violent reactions, you know what I mean Mr. Spanish-Filipino," Kenneth requested Novie. "Ok, but wait here's what you are waiting for Mr. Crowville Hahahahaahah!!!! Novie giggled while laughing and tapping Kenneth's back as Ms. Vira came riding again in her Jaguar. Kenneth walk through the car and  talked to Ms. Vira while putting his one hand at the back and waving it left and right driving Novie away from them. At the car Ms. Vira chattered in front of Kenneth while sitting on the driver's sit. "So wanna' ride for our night trip Mr. Handsome guy?" Then Kenneth prompted in a very flirting way acting like a womanizer. "Sure you will, so... Can we go?" Then Kenneth ride on the Jaguar staring at Ms. Vira with a very seductious manner. The two then continued to go through the bar leaving the house. As they were near the bar, Kenneth was really excited, in that, they park the car in front of Beatty Club. Kenneth with a husky voice invited Ms. Vira gently by opening the front car door and lending his hands with Ms. Vira.
The two entered the bar and dance all night long and giggled together without knowing that Novie followed them. "This is the first time that I've dance with you Elegant lady," Kenneth chattered while holding Ms. Vira's hands. "I can't hear you clearly!!! The sounds were euphoric just dance with me and feel the beat Whoooohhh!!! Ms. Vira replied with so much delightedness. The two dance well but suddenly Ms. Vira felt a little bit awkwardness that made her go to the restroom. "Wait my head shakes I have to go to the restroom," Ms.Vira's reactions made Kenneth wondered. "Wait!!!" Kenneth shouted, then the lady run away through the comfort room but Kenneth still continued to dance. "Ok, but I'll wait you for a minute!!!" Kenneth shouted again for the second time and continued dancing. Novie on the other hand is outside the club waiting for something to know about what Kenneth and Ms. Vira might happen until he found Ms. Vira at the window of the restroom doing something. Ms. Vira on the other hand without knowing who's looking out for her, pick up her anti-hormonal syringe and do injections in her shoulders, then look at the mirror and removed her wig and hair extensions then started to talked to herself. "Vira my dear sister your beautiful don't put yourself to shame I'm your brother and I'll be proud of you," said the man on the mirror. "Brother, I hate to see myself like this I feel the embarassment in my heart, remember what happened in my past?" Then Vira continued to talked with the man on the mirror. "Younger sister, forget the past let's live together again peacefully, mom and dad will understand you, people may understand you," Then the man prompted. "Morning comming I have to go brother, they might see, Vira then reacted and put her hair extensions and wig again then go outside the restroom. Novie was startled at what he saw then cover his mouth with his hands then run back to Kenneth to tell everything.
Me amigo you have to know everything!!! Novie created a serious shocked inside the bar while Kenneth had stunned with the Spanish-Filipino amigo. "Everything? About what?" Kenneth asked Novie. "Your dating with a freak!!!!" Novie then shouted again inside the bar while holding Kenneth's arms. "Freak what? I don't understand?" Kenneth again continued asking. "Ms. Vira is a he!!! your not gonna' trust her she has a lot of secrets, she has a sort of ailment that something to be cured!!!" Novie added. "I don't understand?" Kenneth again interrogated. "Let's find out and follow her!!! Ms. Vira and Mr. Vincent has the same identity, they're only one!!!" Novie continued. "What?" Kenneth stunned in what he heard with his amigo. Meanwhile Ms. Vira walks out in a hurried manner but with Kenneth's curiousity he run after the lady to catch her going back to the house. The beautiful lady run out of the bar at 5:30 AM riding back to her Jaguar. Kenneth ride in Novie's car to follow the lady, "Me amigo she's not a woman she's a freak, I saw her talking to herself alone inside the restroom while untangling her hair extensions and wig," Novie chattered. "This is going crazy I don't understand why on hell she's kidding me?" Kenneth prompted. The two reach Ms. Vira's house and saw the lady striving hard to walk inside it while her body's weakening, then immediately collapsed. "Look there's the freak!!! She's shaking," Novie chattered. "Let's bring her to the doctor, here give me a hand and carry her," Kenneth answered while pulling the body and carrying it inside the car. While driving Novie's car the lady woke up, "where's she? Where's? Where's my sister? Is she ok?" The lady turned her voice into a man like voice. "Your sick we don't know what kind of ailment you have but you have dual personality we have to bring you to the doctor." Kenneth uttered with a serious voice seemingly that he doesn't know if he's mad or pitied with the man lying down at the back of the car. But suddenly the man growled and grumbled inside the car, "where's my sister!!!! I need her!!! You two... The both of you stop the car!!! Please!!! my sister needs me!!! Then the two guys bothered while trying to stop the grumbling man inside the car. "Hey, hey, hey... Don't panick fairly man, everytings gonna' be alright and everythings going to be fine so please stop striking inside the car," Novie insisted to stop the man. The car was hurriedly on its way to the hospital but it swings left and right because of the man in panicked. "Novie try to stop her... Or him I mean to say," Kenneth intensely adjust the speed of the car to make it faster while talking with Novie. "Mr. Cose!!! You have no sister!!! Everything is not a reality!!! concentrate on happy things, Ok?" Novie tried again to convinced the grumbling man. "Where's... My... Sister!!!!!" While the man is trying hard to grumble again, Novie without thinking twicely strungled the man with a small luggage, Mr. Cose unconsciously fall down.
The car reach the hospital and the two guys bring the man to the psychiatrist, "let's carry him," Kenneth whispered Novie.
Its early in the morning, patients were few, doctors were not yet pressured that made the guys easy to meet a psychiatrist. "So who's the patient?" The doctor asked the two boys, "Him" Novie and Kenneth point their fingers with Mr. Cose while the man unconciously sleeping lying on the arms of the two guys. "Dr. he's unconcious yet, but he might hurt us and panick again when he wake up," Kenneth answered the doctor. Then the doctor called the nurses to inject Mr. Cose to calm him. The two leave the hospital and report anything what happened to the school dean.
After 6 months Kenneth returned to the hospital to visit Mr. Cose, "He's calm right now and still undergo his revovery, based on his history, he had a sister who died 10 years past because of rape and torture, his mother died of depression after his father left them and finally his relatives live him alone amd nobody took care of him that made his entire life felt the emptiness, sorrow, pain and jealousy in his heart. With his situation he suffered from Multiple personality syndrome and Dissociative identity disorder, Mr. Crowville, he needs a companion, someone to love him and mostly he have to strengthen his faith," the doctor then bring Mr. Crowville on the ward to show him Mr. Cose's situation.
The man sits on the bed unconcsiously, but little by little knows himself more, "ei buddy, do you feel fine right now?" Kenneth ask Mr. Cose. "I feel a little bit fine but, I can't forget my sister and my family," Mr. Crowville uttered in a dull voice with pale face seemingly that he has a lot of sorrows burried in his past. Meanwhile a nurse came to take Mr. Cose's blood pressure and inject him with anti-depressant syringe. "Ok Handsome , lend me your shoulders and I'll inject you this AD," As the nurse walk near the patient, Kenneth shouted, "Kimmy?! Is that you?" "Kenneth, am I right with the man am I talking to?" The nurse prompted. "Ohhh.... What a pleasant coincidence? I hardly find you this past years, how could it be?" Kenneth stammered. "Oah!!! Hahah!!! my handsome cousin is big enough for me to take care since we're young," the nurse prompted again. "So you're working at this hospital, huh?" Kenneth asked the nurse. "Uhhhmmm... I've been working here for years cuz, and it finds me better and enjoying when I work with my pals, they're m & m and smarties to talk with heheheheh..." The nurse sighed after talking and made a slight laugh. "By the way your patient is my professor and his Mr. Cose, take care of him, he still has a chance to be treated," Kenneth requested the nurse. "Don't worry, he'll be fine with my careful hands and I'll make him happy.
After 5 years, a family get together was celebrated at the Crowville's house, Novie helped in the preparation of the dinner. Biscuits, Doughnuts, Pastas (Fetuccini and Carbonara), Beef and Seafood Paella and drinks such as; champagne and punch was stoop on the table. Meanwhile other family relatives and family friends came together to meet on the dinning hall and sit on their places. One of the guests ask  Mrs. Crowville, "Mrs. Crowville, I'm just wondering, there were 3 sits left beside Angelo's place?" Then Mrs. Crowville prompted, "Oaahhh... I forgot to tell you, we have new neighbors in our family, they'll arrive in a minute." Meanwhile the buzzer rings, Kenneth opened the door then a family came inside the house. "Mom, they're here," Kenneth stated a phrase. "Good heavens!!! Your here!!! Glad to meet our new member, Mrs. Crowville again cited with a  thin soprano voice then Mr. Cose, Kimberly and their daughter meet Mrs. Crowville give a nice greeting by kissing on her cheeks.
At the middle of the gathering Kenneth made a good toast for the family, relatives, friends and for the reincarnation of Mr. Cose's life. "This toast is for our family, relatives, friends and for Mr. Cose's new life as a man and for continuing his journey as a professor. Let me give this toast... for... (The Lady of the night)".
And this is how the story ends, in love, life and happiness of the Lady of the Night, then Novie look at the beautiful woman walking along the parking lot. Meanwhile Kenneth uttered, "amigo, there's one thing that I want to request you." Then Novie prompted, "que se es companero?" Then Kenneth answered finally, "can you please stop voicing out your spanish languages because that made me feel sick!!! Damn!!!! I hardly can't understand you. "Ok, ok, but before everything ends... Catch me first!!! Then Novie strike Kenneth's head and the two wrestled in the night.

domingo, 23 de marzo de 2014

Ng dahil sa Sipon...

 It's being woman :)
En  el fiebre soy una di alguien con Enlightenment Editoria... Then one day I told another story with the golden knight that I made somebody in success in terms of my owned work above enlightenment. With priorities of having white lies to help somebody I recieve lot's of familiarities of encountering realities of fantasies though not having prizes in my life. The so called belief is all a view of a help with her, the many times of interlude with popularity and brive of belief with the one day expectancies of development and files of cases that I'm interfacing in terms of diplomacy at least I've gained what is a renowned heirarchy and mustn't dillute the truth above superlative and innovation if karma may come. With the views that I aided with the mediocre status in reality I can say what's more ecclectical where strictly aloofed in the name of the alleged Enlightenment Editoria Knight in the many cases of verdicts in terms of travel. I superceded with lots of reprimands that can't abide with this so called slaughter house as what it was said with the glories of heretical and a must to be harvested with the values and virtues of visions that can easily be tormented to be a procurement of ownership in many terms of situations and balowney accusations that I mustn't had to have in my memoirs. At least I gained of everything which is called a perfection with my life sentiments against the sacrileges and things which is viral in different envoys of reality. The stronger you percieve the more you encounter of things which can make a good synthesis in the worth of society as a queen of splurge and all of the academics at school. These hour I've made lot's of rendevouz with the most popular volleyball player internationally speaking, the wise american actress, the international model and the wife of an owner of a popular Protocol Connection Company. Then we've muttered millions of deviance and stories that may up heave of what is more scenic in the views though lots of enviousness tried endearing a truth in terms of negotiation and anti-flavor destructor. I believe it's a no no counter attacks to make of a contract upheaving mentallity with the so called evil that never lasts in the environment. I believe I'm in the ricocheted deluxe that can't be a detour in reality. Then I happily continued muttering with the so called Enlightenment Editoria Knight that I happily never affraid though there were lots of detour with me in terms of intimacy and voyage as a one day writer with my latent duple securities.

Kumukulong bawang na hinaluan ng harina't asin :) When the enlightnemnent Editoria Knight muttered to make controls of liturgic anarchy against the views that I may had to have in reality. Everything seemed to be scary with this fiefdom to make karmas of detour and never make compare of low class status though I'm living in a not frantic life.

Thanks Enlightenment Editoria Knight :)
Then I told her at least both of us never cried dahil wala namang reasons para sa lahat then that's success of simplicity... :)

Then I replied: Eh biglang nagdatingan... Kumusta naman Enlightenment Editoria Knight sarado na tindahan namin ng Ilonggo kong bestfriend.

miércoles, 19 de marzo de 2014

Unsurable Ramman

Be my master, be my clan and become one and only in this continuous route that I'm really unsure. With the things that only the difficulty giver can make you're the only one who may give of a beautiful faction though still questionable in the sight of the frailty of the society. Everything seemed to be difficult to make interlude of a bountiful ecclair being a writer. Still I can't say of what is true but the difficulty giver always tells nothing, somehow I'm still alive of the madness of society that I'm really even don't know of how everything would make encompassed with me. I stand here waiting for you to bang the gong
To crash the critic saying, "Is it right or is it wrong?"
If only fame had an I.V., baby could I bear
Being away from you, I found the vein, put it in here
He teased me again because of the too much critics that I am bearing with wealthy people who only knows how to mouthwash though without giving anything. Still I put everything in treasure and always in truth, against the massive delusions of society let's go back to my new maste (Be my master a.k.a). So how would you define this picture?
On the next route is another picture to be consider...
It's quite liturgic and and difficult for the (Be my master) a.k.a in that, I tend to make an angst because of the phenomena. Uneasy as it is but with my assure ties I can say he's much latent to show he's hidden agenda amongst the mass, (which is which) much of everything that I can said isn't truthful.  I may never consider everything because things turned tighter as issues where running faster and cases become heavier, at least I found out some latent ecclecticals which is quite unheretical against the madness of society. Lot's of betrayals follow my route so in my part I had to be aware of a humungous anarchy above enlightenment which is quite fruitful, without any catastrophic reality things may become a knowledge and wisdom can be stoic in my part and I haven't become much diplomatical in terms of propagandas in karma and virtuous.

Now this one:
He always had a notion of things regarding life procrastination but still I'm not into him though he becomes my (Bee my master). In the route of what is hypothetical and enervating results I believe he's much cultural and catastrophic regarding issues of what is called lie against the angst of dread.

See you again soon... This is a real unsurable ramman since though everything seemed to be ethereal, blasphemy is airy that's why I had to be wary to help more people though I'm in crisis.

jueves, 13 de marzo de 2014

Quien se manne

The ultimatum is always a void, the difficulty giver can't become arrogant in reality he never become an insult. But I can't understand why there's an insult, for a beautiful karma the reality is always hypocrite to show me things which is not bountiful in the mediocre status of reality, things which is a feigned comical tells myself that I everything is superlative though I was surrounded by pessimistic people and only perfect life can tell that I don't have any realizations in the name of assure ties. with the secluded insist of what is interralational and a bountiful pressumption with what that I shouldn't had to have in the visions of things that can be enthusiastic in a good memoirs. Everything seemed to be ravagous against things which mustn't be a denoument in the instances of procurements with the sort of issues in the name of blasphemy and harmony of society that I proceed to a bountiful context against the lies and everything which can be a good karma in sorting impacts of mind and emotions that only everything can deal with heirarchy, things which is a status quo in life and time of heirarchy and everything which is against the colors of society. What's beautful for them is much pessimistic in the many eyes of things that can't be seen, utilized thoughts and presumptions which is reverberated against me with the many sight of feigned of what is a metaphorical and sometimes ironical in my life procurements I can say, I can endear the most feastive virtuous in reality, if things can be ascertained with issues and heretical moments, karmas were more illusive that can be a massive destruction against the hidden agendas of sympathetic madness of society. Somehow, I'm still alive with the vendettas of reality and too much pessimistic negate of equation in the nth hours of my life. The visions enlightenment is much devouring though improvised still I always kept the bountiful fate of everything insiduous and against the conjuring moments of my life the mentallity is always quite stronger to destroy and only thing which is focused in what is greater not in the negativities of life. The frivolities and frailties of innocence can become destructive if one day become nefarious with derogatory remarks though superlative in things which is myriad and lucrative in materialistic orders. I can be ecclecltical usually with derivative efforts and can be an incline, in  other word everything can be in freedom once a trial had been surpassed against the cruelty of a stagnant stability of stoic charms. What's more myriad is still loquacious in the site of many surrealistic things, I can say I can be meteorical and development when it comes to stabilizing a more complex definitive things and my part must be in a hive of deluxe treasures which everything for the society. Sometimes you may say, deplorative things where emmancipated with harmony must be a good instinct and should be derailed away.

So my life continues to become a good karma...

miércoles, 12 de marzo de 2014

The lies in difficult memories

Regarding things of everything that I can upheave in my life, I said everything is a no ordinary love story anymore because of unjust and fragile memory in my sort. Though it's latent and everything that should be a must have for my assure ties there where more pleasant things that I had to make things that can be a good memoir against poisonous charms and is not an intimacy factor in my life but though being in my part, still I decided to take everything for things which is a balowney sentiment in my sort. For a more surrealistic features that I must had to have in my life there were more capacities that I can say may benefit with me in reality wherein one hand there were more capable blessings that can never bereft of my strength and hopes together with the latent designs which is incorporated above the vyes of minarets and alcoves of a beautiful enlightenment. With things and harmony of womanhood and everything which is developmental in my emotions there were more capable realities which is well desired from rumors and madness of society. The quest of a synchronized and telling of myself which is so called taking care off to be though a mustn't have in this reality. Things which is bountiful in the catapults of destructive myriad madness of the deluge harmony in the mediocre reality, it's very difficult to be with people who had insulting jives of selfishness that emptier as feastive status run in my reality there where more delicate circumstance which is always in the route of a so called success though morbid in my circumstance. Everything seemed to be a madness especially when you'd become against the society or in the nature that deals with massive antihypocratic memories of things in feigned beauty that I had in my life. There were no more gifts anymore when everything might happen against me, everything would be nulled in the alleged capturing of things which is mine. Against the people of realistic happiness and things which is mine would never be perished and everything that I may never lost in my consequencial delusion against what a man really wants with me because I'm a torn and must become stronger with instances of a delinquent feature of what is a real indulgence that every people may love in their life. Because of a destructive effort by what a sympathetic charms must gone with me in reality with devaluating issues that can verify a stronger union of friendship and intimacy in the route of reality and real happiness. For more stronger karma there can be a diluting deplore of what is a prowl of success in my mentallity which loves to be destroyed by anyone or may never be accumulated anymore and only that can never be prevalent in my continuous journey.

PS: Everything which tends to be pale and flail must gone, things which incorporated with fragment consider revise can't be seen anymore.